Safely Selling a Horse

Jill* is one of the nicest people you would ever hope to meet. A lifelong horse person and stay-at-home mom dealing with health issues, she enjoyed horses through the eyes of her daughter, who likes to ride and compete. Together they owned a sweet, talented horse who developed hoof issues, possibly brought on by poor farriery, and was on layup. Facing serious surgery soon herself and dealing with a dying parent, Jill’s thought was to give the horse a year off to heal and regrow the hoof. It would take some of the pressure off of everyone.

Too ill to come to the barn, Jill arranged for the trainer to show the horse while she remained in charge of the sale. Soon, what appeared to be the perfect owner arrived: a very nice, charming gentleman who was a volunteer first responder, respected and liked throughout the community. Upon loading, this horse who had always loaded like a dream and never protested, became panicked, and after loading began screaming non-stop down the driveway and all the way down the road. In hindsight, Jill felt this was her first sign that something was wrong. Eventually she found out that the man also sold horses to slaughter buyers. To read the rest of this story click here.

What happened to Jill’s horse happens to thousands of horses each year. Sad stories like this occur every day in this country. People misrepresent themselves, sales go wrong, horses go missing. Within 24 hours a missing or stolen horse can disappear from U.S. soil. It is the dark seam that permeates every facet of horse ownership across the industry, affecting horses in every riding discipline, layup, and retirement. The volunteers at Stolen Horses International ( would like to help you safeguard the sale of your horse so it ends up in a safe secure home, being cared for as you would care for it yourself.

Regardless of whether the horse is set for a fast sale or a slow careful sale, the responsibility falls on the owner to screen and approve the horse’s next home. Read this article on Stolen Horse International for tips on how to sell a horse while at the same time finding just the right person to help keep your horse safe and loved as much as you do. 

We appreciate your support for Stolen Horse International, Inc., and our victims when you share our press releases. For more information on Stolen Horse International and its programs, visit the website at Stolen Horse International is a Section 501(c)(3) organization under the Internal Revenue Code that provides victim’s services and educational outreach programs.






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