‘Tis The Season To Clean Out Your Tack Rooms & Donate Unused Items

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — DEC. 7, 2012 — Winter is a good time to clean out your tack room and tack boxes - weeding out tack and other equipment you’re not using, or doesn’t fit your horses.

“It’s also a good time to donate these things to local 4-H clubs or therapeutic riding centers,” says Laurie Cerny, publisher of good-horsekeeping.com. “Many 4-H groups and other horse associations attend tack sales in the spring and having donated items they can take to these events helps them raise money for their clubs.”

Among the most popular resale items are halters and tack, blankets, leg wraps and shipping boots, and fly masks.

“Make sure that these items are clean and in good repair,” Cerny says. “Having the size marked on item – especially with blankets, is also very helpful.”

To find a local 4-H horse club contact a cooperative extension service in your state, or go to http://www.4-h.org/. For therapeutic riding centers go to http://www.pathintl.org/.

If you are planning on including the donation on your 2012 income taxes, make sure to get a donation slip that includes the estimated amount of the donation, the date of the donation, and the group receiving the donation.

For more horse care and stable management information go to www.good-horsekeeping.com.