Uckele Health & Nutrition Acquires Zephyr’s Garden, LLC

Uckele Health & Nutrition announced it has completed the acquisition of Zephyr’s Garden. A leader in the natural product animal health industry, Zephyr’s Garden products provide effective, herbal-based all natural products for horses and dogs as an alternative to chemical laden treatments.

Their products cover most topical issues, such as skin dermatitis, scratches, sweet itch, rain rot, sore muscles, wounds, hot spots and thrush. Made using only pure, top-quality natural ingredients, the product line includes salves, Pure and Simple Summer Sprays, liniments, calmatives, hoof care products, and shampoos.

“I am very pleased with this acquisition” stated Mike Uckele, CEO, “We appreciate this opportunity to acquire a company of Zephyr’s Garden’s reputation for quality formulas in the equine topical industry. We were impressed with not only their business acumen, but with the innovative aspect of their products. We share their core values, their passion for optimal health and their priority for customer service. Our team looks forward to moving the company forward with these unique formulas and to expanding our product range for our customer base.”

Uckele also said that although Zephyr’s Garden will now be identified as a Uckele Company, the Zephyr’s Garden product branding and formulas will remain unchanged.

“Zephyr’s Garden will have a wonderful new home with Uckele Health,” stated Georgette Topakas, founder of Zephyr’s Garden. “It was time for the company to expand, and Uckele embodies the goals and ideals this company was founded on. I’m very excited for this next phase and felt our unique products were a perfect fit to the existing Uckele equine and canine offerings. With new ownership there will be larger manufacturing and distribution capacity, enabling the products to be available far beyond our current levels. It’s a win/win for everyone, especially the horses!”

For over 50 years, Uckele Health & Nutrition has manufactured thousands of products of the highest quality from start to finish in its GMP certified facility. Using proven research and advances in science, Uckele remains a trusted leader in the formulation, development and manufacture of a vast array of high potency, balanced nutritional supplements to support optimal health and performance at the highest level. For more information visit






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