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Introducing the First 100% Mesh Show Coat, the FITS Zephyr

FITS, inventor of the most athletically advanced riding breech on the market, announced an equally revolutionary show coat for dressage, eventing and hunter/jumper riders.

Aptly named the Zephyr, it’s the first all-mesh coat suitable for the highest rated shows. Made from PowerMesh open-cell fabric, the Zephyr cleverly features a single thickness in the underarm, double in the body to have the appearance of a solid fabric, and triple in trim areas like lapels where having more structure in the fabric is required for a crisp, tailored look.

“Show coats are a hot, sweaty, sauna box for riders to endure,” said Sheryl Rudolph, founder of FITS. “Even when coats are finally excused as the temperature rises, many riders are loath to give them up if they can bear it, because they feel the more professional appearance gives them an edge.”

With dramatic advancements in fabric technologies, there are no longer barriers to re-imagining what a show coat could be. “With PowerMesh, we have a stunningly light and airy coat that, paired with one of our breathable show shirts, allows you to compete almost as though you’re wearing only your sports bra,” she laughed.

The Zephyr is double vented for any discipline, with beautifully feminine seaming, and accented slash pockets continuing the flattering lines. Matching buttons, and the wonderful ease of wash-and-wear care complete this uniquely comfortable and stunning coat. It pairs particularly well with two airy FITS show shirts: the Anna silk-touch mesh, or the Waffle Tech II.


The Zephyr is available in black with subtle silver piping at collar and zip pockets, in sizes XS, S, M, L, XL, for a suggested retail price of $328. See for a complete list of online and local retailers, and for more information.

FITS (“Fun In The Saddle”) launched in 2005, bringing to market the original patented PerforMAX top-performance technical breech that continues to revolutionize the way riders connect with their saddle, their horse, and their riding experience. Today FITS has a well-deserved reputation as inventor of the most advanced athletic wear for the English rider, with a full range of exceptional performance clothing for year-round riding. FITS is sold widely throughout the USA, with growing availability in Australia, Canada, Denmark, England, France, New Zealand, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.