4-Star Trailers, Inc. Introduces New A.S. Clean Coat Skin

Our aluminum flat sheet supplier has given 4-Star Trailers, Inc. exclusive rights to purchase flat sheet aluminum that has an engineered, thermally cured, clear polymer coating that preserves and protects the aluminum’s reflective mill finish. For a limited time, we are the only horse trailer manufacturer with access to this material. Our exclusivity agreement for this material precludes us from identifying the iconic travel trailer company it was developed for more than 20 years ago by Arconic, a world leader in aluminum engineered solutions.

This clear coat is the most durable coating we have ever tested. It is extremely resistant to fading, scratches, stains, and prevents pitting of the aluminum caused by road de-icingchemicals. It shrugs off the sun’s rays without breaking a sweat. No cracking, peeling or fading. And it is environmentally sound.

Your 4-Star trailer’s aluminum side skins will look brand new even after decades of use.

We are featured in ‘Modern Metals’ Magazine regarding our new A.S. Clean Coat. To read the article, click this link: 4-Star Trailers, Inc. New A.S. Clean Coat

For more information regarding 4-Star Trailers click here: Our Science and Innovations

Since 1984, 4-Star Trailers has established the all-aluminum trailer as the industry standard for ease of maintenance and overall superiority. 4-Star is dedicated to constant innovation and is always looking to the future to incorporate the state-of-the-art while maintaining the traditions that have been the bedrock of our success.

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