Barefoot vs Shod: Get the Best of Both Worlds with Razerhorse

The horse has a perfect design by nature. Horse owners, however, often ask for more than that design can handle; this is where horseshoes come into the picture. What if you could have the best of both worlds: natural barefoot function AND the protection needed to do the job at hand? That would be a no-brainer, right?

Razerhorse is a hoof care company that has combined science and technology to create two products that mimic the natural function of the hoof while offering protection for performance horses. Razer horseshoes and Propads are clearly the second best thing to being barefoot, and some would argue they are even better than barefoot!

After battling lameness issues with his own horse, Razerhorse founder Erik Lundquist began looking for an alternative to the traditional steel horseshoe, which locks the horse’s hoof in place. Research and development was carried out in cooperation with Uppsala University “Hippologum” National Institute for Equine Research in Sweden, and in collaboration with Veterinary Associate Professor Lars Roepstorff and Master Farrier Michael Berg. With the aid of gait analysis software and high speed video, they developed a tempered tool steel horseshoe that mimics the function of a bare foot.

Razer shoes quickly rose to popularity in the Swedish equine shoe market, and another product, the Propad, was created. This polyurethane hoof pad gives the horse the feeling of being barefoot while wearing a shoe. Not only does it act as a shock absorber, its unique accordion-like design allows the frog support to follow all frog movement without causing pressure when at rest. Benefits of the Propad include: increased comfort due to shock absorption, proper weight distribution by removal of weight from the hoof wall, and increased blood flow due to appropriate frog-to-ground contact.

I’m sure you’ve heard the old saying, “No foot, no horse.” Razerhorse’s goal is to reduce injuries and increase performance by giving your horse the most natural function possible. To learn more about Razer shoes and Propads or find a dealer near you visit or call 855-95-RAZER.






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