Mr. Beams UltraBright Wireless Motion Sensor Spotlight

Poorly lit properties create inviting environments for criminals and animal intruders with nefarious intentions. But, if your home, outbuildings or business was not pre-wired for security lighting, installing motion sensor spotlights can be a high-price upgrade. Not anymore. Mr. Beams has created the UltraBright Spotlight, an LED, wireless motion sensor light that can be mounted anywhere outside a barn, home, on outbuildings, boat docks, in office building parking lots or in warehouses for increased safety and security.

No electrician is required for installation, and the wireless spotlight can be mounted in less than five minutes. The spotlight comes in black or white and has five different levels of brightness. It is powered by three or four regular D batteries with a run time of up to 40 hours per set of batteries.

The UltraBright Spotlight is handy for any area you want a sensor light for security. The UltraBright Spotlight stays illuminated for 20 seconds after motion is detected and the LED bulb never has to be replaced. The spotlight can also be operated with the included remote control. With between 140 and 300 lumens of bright light illuminating 400 square feet, homeowners and business owners will enjoy increased security and peace of mind.

The Mr.Beams LED UltraBright Spotlight can be easily and quickly installed using three screws, three anchors and a wall mount. The Beams LED UltraBright Spotlight has an MSRP of $39.99.

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Wireless Environment, LLC, makers of the Mr. Beams brand, is a successful, fast-growing company based in Solon, Ohio. Since Michael Recker and David Levine founded the company in 2006, Wireless Environment has expanded to a staff of eight employees. Wireless Environment is the design leader in the wireless LED lighting space. The company mission is to design lights that operate fully off-grid or shift between wired and wireless. Sixteen wireless lights have been launched to date and the company will soon launch hybrid light fixtures that– like laptops–are on the grid when needed and off the grid when convenient. For more information visit






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