Bimeda Launches XylaMed (xylazine), a Sedative and Analgesic for use in Horses

Now available from Bimeda: XylaMed (xylazine), a sedative and analgesic for use in horses and cervidae. 100 mg/mL injection supplied in 50 mL multiple-dose vials as a sterile solution. ANADA 200-529; Approved by FDA.

Xylamed’s Benefits:
• Sedation – Facilitates the handling of aggressive or nervous animals, reducing physical stress and risk to both animal and practitioner.
• Successfully used in conducting diagnostic procedures, orthopedic procedures, dental procedures and minor surgical procedures of short duration.
• Therapeutic medication for relief of pain following injury or surgery.
• Preanesthetic to general anesthesia or in conjunction with local anesthetics during major surgical procedures.

This product will be available through Bimeda’s nationwide network of authorized animal health veterinary product distributors. Veterinarians utilizing XylaMed for charitable work may contact Bimeda at for assistance.

For complete product labeling and more information visit

Federal law restricts this drug to use by or on the order of a licensed veterinarian. Do not use in cervidae less than 15 days before, or during, the hunting season.

Careful consideration should be given before administering to horses or Cervidae with significantly depressed respiration, severe pathologic heart disease, advanced liver or kidney disease, severe endotoxic or traumatic shock, or stress conditions such as extreme heat, cold, high altitude, or fatigue. Do not use XylaMed in conjunction with tranquilizers. Analgesic effect is variable, and depth should be carefully assayed prior to surgical/clinical procedures. Variability of analgesia occurs most frequently at the distal extremities of horses and Cervidae. In spite of sedation, the practitioner and handlers should proceed with caution since defense reactions may not be diminished.

Bimeda is a global manufacturer and marketer of a variety of unique and generic animal health pharmaceutical product dosage forms produced in seven manufacturing plants in Brazil, Canada, Ireland, Kenya, U.K and the USA. Additional information regarding Bimeda and their products is available by visiting or calling 1-888-524-6332. Bimeda’s US headquarters is located in Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois.






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