BioStar LLC Unveils New Branding for 2014

BioStar LLC, formerly BioStar EQ, is starting the year off with a total rebranding effort. They have a new URL, new social media links and soon they’ll have packaging that reflects the direction their branding is moving. It’s a new year with lots of new and exciting happenings for this whole food supplement company!

“Over the past few months, we have been experiencing some difficulties with our new website that launched in October,” said Tigger Montague, owner of BioStar LLC. ” From a delay in the launch itself, to some non-functional design flaws, to customer irritation on how the new web store worked, it created monumental headaches for customers and employees alike. Unfortunately, in the midst of this nightmare, an independent contractor stole our domain name, then refused our employees access to the new site, and subsequently demanded a ransom for all relating entities. When this happened, we immediately locked down the shopping cart, thus protecting customer information, company financials, and customer credit cards

“Since this has become a major legal and logistical headache, we have made every effort to do what we can for our customers to keep ongoings in our business as seamless as possible,” he added. “We have chosen to create a temporary site with a new domain name:, and make an investment in a newly designed, better customer-oriented website that will launch in the coming months to reflect all the changes we had hoped to make.”

In the category of “One Door Closes, One Door Opens,” the domain name change at BioStar will reflect the more encompassing expansion beyond equine and canine supplements to include human whole food supplements, topicals and poultices, and potentially a line of feeds. BioStar’s temporary website is a short-term solution. It is very simple and straightforward: no bells and whistles. While not the information-loaded site BioStar has had in the past, rest assured the same people with their vast knowledge are still present within the company.

“We know how frustrating it has been for you, our customers to go through this website disruption and dysfunction. From the bottom of my heart, and behalf of everyone at BioStar, I thank you for putting up with the inconvenience. And of course, for your continued and on-going support of our whole food products and company. We could not get through this crisis without you,” said Tigger. “We are looking towards a prosperous and exciting 2014!”

To keep up to date with BioStar, please use the following information:
Phone: 800-686-9544

BioStar US holds the belief that non-synthetically derived ingredients (whole food) has positive effects on health and wellness. They support the whole food and organic food movement, and strive to bring the highest quality products to horses and dogs alike. BioStar US uses a unique system that dehydrates their formulas and bars which takes place at low temperatures to maintain nutrient and enzyme levels similar that of to raw food. Providing organic, GMO-free, coal tar derivative-free, petro-chemical free, wheat free supplements that contain no artificial sweeteners or other synthetic ingredients is why BioStar is the leader of whole food supplementation in the equine industry. For more information on BioStar US, visit their website (, or you can also connect with them on Facebook (






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