Boett Blanket, Sweden’s Famous Sweet Itch Anti-Mosquito Blanket and Hood

The Boett blanket works the best for horses with eczema or dermatitis (Sweet Itch). Pioneers in creating the best material qualities, the Swedish Boett blanket provides the best fit for a comfortable equine.The Boett blanket finally arrives in Florida through Laura Riqué, daughter of the 17 year Boett retailer (Kathrine Riqué) from Switzerland.The Boett blanket can be purchased in Florida through

Laura Riqué said, “One of our clients, Silvana, called my Mom in Switzerland and said she was to the end with what to do to help her horse.Her horse itched all over. He had open sores and eczema all down his spine, all along his back, and throughout his body. She’d long forgotten saddling or trying to work with him; he was just too miserable, itchy and uncomfortable.She’d tried everything from Cortisone shots to high dose medications with no success. He was so miserable. She didn’t know what else to try. The Boett blanket was her last hope.A few weeks after her horse started wearing the blanket, she called and said how amazed she was at the healing of his skin that he was no longer itched at all, and his overall happiness had returned.Amazed that her horse stood and waited for her to put the blanket on each day, she knew the blanket helped him.The Boett blanket was the answer for her horse.”

Sweet Itch, also known as, Seasonal Recurrent Dermatitis (SSRD) or Summer Itch or more technically, Culicoides Hypersensitivity, is a medical condition in equines caused by an allergic response to the bites of midges from the mosquito. Sweet Itch is found in Canada, the USA, and many other parts of the world.Antibodies produced from the bite lead the horse’s immune system to binds the allergens, causing a cascade production of histamine and cytokines which make the horse’s skin inflamed, itchy, and develops into blotches of hair loss.

A heavier fabric than a fly sheet, the Boett blanket works great for horses with eczema or any skin sores. The fabric has an inner conditioner to keep the sensitive skin from breaking or flaking making extra care or at worst, cortisone shots, unnecessary. The equine owner will see a noticeable difference in the skin of the horse that wears the blanket.

Horses wearing the blanket keep their full manes and tails and have glossy, clean coats. TheBoett material includes a Triple Tricot Fabric, fluorocarbon-treated 100% polyester, which means it’s highly breathable. The blanket has a ‘parasol’ effect that helps to keep the horse cool in full sun. The fabric has sufficient ‘give’ to allow freedom of movement and the clever blanket design ensures that normal horse activities like rolling, mutual grooming, galloping etc.All seams are elasticized and straps are fully adjustable to ensure a good fit. The fabric is light but strong, so the horse can wear the blanket 24 hours a day, month after month, in total comfort. The Blanket is machine washable and can be tumble-dried.

The saying goes, “Often imitated – never duplicated.”Boett is for the sophisticated horse owner.

There are 12 sizes in three colors: black, chestnut and light gray.

For full fitting instructions go to

How to Order: (you must order by contacting Laura in Wellington, FL)

Laura Riqué at; cell phone 561-255-912; e-mail






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