Champions Wear Whinnys

At the Kentucky Horse Park, silver is the color of success against lower leg skin problems at the Hall of Champions.

Elite horses live at the Hall of Champions at the Kentucky Horse Park.

The equines in the Hall of Champions are some of the finest horses in the world, and the people caring for them have an enormous responsibility to keep them healthy and beautiful. This summer, Silver Whinnys were added to the arsenal of weapons directed at keeping those precious legs free of scratches, mud fever and summer sores.

Sheila Forbes, Operations Manager of the Kentucky Horse Park, learned about Silver Whinnys when a friend gave her some to try on one of the equine champions that was suffering from a persistent case of scratches. When the report came back from the barn manager that the horse’s dermatitis was responding favorably, Forbes began ordering Silver Whinnys by the dozen. The folks at Sox For Horses got curious and asked the managers  at the Kentucky Horse Park what they were doing with all of those Sox.

Forbes said, “Silver Whinnys have helped us handle some tenacious cases of equine dermatitis on some of the horses. Every horse is unique, and when other solutions don’t work for a particular horse, Silver Whinnys do.”

She went on to say that, “Visitors ask about the Sox being worn by some of the horses in the pasture, and Rob Willis, Hall of Champions barn manager, is not shy about teaching people about Silver Whinnys. Rob was happy to hear there would be a steady supply of Silver Whinnys now that Sox For Horses is a Kentucky Horse Park supporter.”

What Silver Whinnys Do

Equines can suffer from a variety of lesions that affect their lower legs: dermatitis, scratches, mud fever, dew poisoning, greasy heel, summer sores, and wounds. Silver Whinnys provide the critical qualities in bandaging/leg protection that allow non-responding cutaneous (affecting the skin) lesions to finally heal.

Silver Whinnys end the cycle of infection/re-infection. The silver in the material inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi in wounds on the horses’ legs. The Sox are safe, non-toxic, drug-free bandages that help prevent disease-causing pathogens, insects, dirt, debris, and sunlight (UV) from reaching the skin

“Sox For Horses is honored to be a Supporter of the Hall of Champions at the Kentucky Horse Park,” said Raymond Petterson, president of Sox For Horses, Inc. “The Hall of Champions offers a glimpse of the majesty, power and grace of some of the most amazing animals in the equine world, and now my Sox have the honor of protecting some of those magnificent legs.”

Veterinarian-recommended, owner-referred and horse-approved, Silver Whinnys are an American-made product by Sox For Horses, Inc., which is committed to helping owners better their equines since 2008. For more information visit, email, or call 850-907-5724.

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