Cur-OST EQ Total Support

Nouvelle Research, Inc., the maker's of the original line of the Cur-OST curcumin-based anti-inflammatory formulas for horses, announces the release of Cur-OST EQ Total Support.

June 26, 2013 — Nouvelle Research, Inc., the maker’s of the original line of the Cur-OST curcumin-based anti-inflammatory formulas for horses, is proud to announce the release of Cur-OST EQ Total Support, addressing the inflammatory needs of patients with allergies.

COPD, or equine asthma, is a common condition which impacts horses of all ages, genders and disciplines. The condition often limits activity and performance, leading to a life of distress and increased medical costs to the owner. COPD has two major components to the syndrome: ongoing bronchial and systemic inflammation as well as immune dysfunction. In most cases, the airways are narrowed or have accumulated mucous to the point where air movement is impeded.

Our Cur-OST EQ Total Support is designed to provide high levels of inflammation relief as well as control symptoms of allergies and COPD in horses. EQ Total Support combines potent levels of patented BCM-95 curcumin, Boswellia 65% extract, vitamin C, vitamin E, CoQ10, alfalfa and spirulina blue green algae to overall reduce inflammation, reduce pain, nourish the body and protect against oxidative stress. Cur-OST EQ Total Support also contains potent levels of dandelion 4:1 extract, marshmallow root powder and parsley herb powder to address allergies at their root, which is the digestive tract, helping to reduce phlegm accumulation and improve respiratory function.

Cur-OST EQ Total Support has been researched in a small population of horses with allergies and COPD, which demonstrated an overwhelming 80% response rate including:

  • Decreased coughing
  • Decreased phlegm and mucous secretions
  • Improved respiratory rate and effort
  • Decreased dependence on pharmaceutical medications
  • Overall improved quality of life and energy for the patient

Results in patients were typically seen within two weeks of induction dosage.

If you have a horse affected by skin allergies or COPD, our EQ Total Support may provide the answers you are looking for!

For more information please visit our product page at or call 1-800-476-4702.

Our entire Cur-OST product line may be seen at

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