Cur-OST Adapt & Calm EQ

Nouvelle Research, Inc., is proud to announce the release of our Cur-OST Adapt & Calm EQ formula to safely and effectively combat anxiety, stress and behavioral conditions in horses.

Stress and anxiety play a major role in equine behavioral conditions, often manifesting in vices such as pawing, pacing, rearing, cribbing, difficulty trailering and many other training difficulties. Stress is also a major contributor to health related conditions including gastric ulcers, stress colic and even immune dysfunction.

We ask a lot of our equine companions, and like us, stress is a constant part of their lives, often making them difficult to manage from a training and veterinary point of view. It is not their fault, but more a reaction to the environment and the stimuli that are presented to them.

Common solutions include pharmaceutical sedatives and supplements that utilize amino acids and magnesium in the effort to modify neurotransmitters. Side effects of medications can include over-sedation, which creates a dangerous situation for both rider and horse. Many supplements on the market currently provide some relief, but often do not provide the level of control that is desired.

Our Adapt & Calm EQ provides a simple, yet effective solution through the use of a concentrated Ashwaghanda herb extract. Ashwaghanda is considered an ‘adaptogenic’ herb and is utilized in various medical cultures for centuries for its ability to rejuvenate the body, calm the mind, reduce inflammation, provide antioxidant support and lower cortisol levels. Research studies over the past decade have also confirmed the ability to reduce anxiety and stress in patients, while improving mood, concentration and enhancing overall health.

Nouvelle Research, Inc. just finished a small, observational trial in horses with a wide range of behavioral problems, utilizing our Cur-OST Adapt & Calm EQ formula. Overall results indicated a marked improvement in clinical anxiety scores as assigned by the owners with improved overall focus, generally within one week’s time.

Now we have a new and effective option for managing those horses with anxiety and stress related conditions! Our Cur-OST Adapt & Calm EQ is a low-dose and cost-effective alternative, yielding excellent results and returning piece of mind to your horse!

Our Cur-OST Adapt & Calm is also available for pets to help manage anxiety disorders, including separation anxiety and thunderstorm phobia! We also are proud offer Cur-OST Adapt & Calm for people to aid in managing the impact of stress in our lives!

Try it today! Visit us at for more product information.

Nouvelle Research, Inc. is the creator and manufacturer of Cur-OST curcumin-based anti-inflammatory formulas for horses, companion pets and people. Our formulas are research formulated by Dr. Tom Schell and clinically utilized in practice with the sole goal of improving overall health and enhancing the healing process.






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