Cur-OST EQ Rejuvenate, Whole Food Supplement with Hindgut Support

Micro and macronutrients are an important and vital part of health and overall performance in the equine athlete or recovering patient. These nutrients are often provided in artificial or synthetic forms, which can be hard to digest and assimilate in the gastrointestinal tract, making their use questionable in some cases. In many instances, equine patients often respond better to nutrients in their natural form, as they are found in food, do to other co-factors present to aid in absorption and overall function. After all, the body was designed to take in food and from this food extract the nutrients that are needed.

Hindgut health has also become a major player in the equine industry, contributing to ulcers, poor performance, leaky gut syndrome, bacterial overgrowth and inflammation on many levels. In many cases, the patients do not demonstrate clinical problems directly connected with the hindgut, but more so display inflammatory problems elsewhere in the body as a result, including metabolic issues, laminitis, allergies and even eye problems. Research has indicated that in many metabolic patients, there exists an overgrowth of lactic acid producing bacteria in the hindgut and feces, which may play a role in acidosis and hindgut concerns, contributing to leaky gut syndrome.

Considering the high presence of hindgut conditions in the horse and high use of artificial nutrients, we have to provide for these patients on a level that supplies nutrients in their natural form while helping to heal the damage that has been created.

Cur-OST EQ Rejuvenate was created by Nouvelle Research, Inc and has been used in their equine rehab program for over two years, helping to support a balanced diet, providing macro and miconutrients in their natural form, while supporting a healthy hindgut.

Cur-OST EQ Rejuvenate utilizes:

  • Highly digestible protein from peas, alfalfa and spirulina blue green algae
  • Micro and macronutrients from a variety of natural sources 
  • Hindgut support through the use of concentrated Hops extract with Brewer’s yeast.

EQ Rejuvenate provides 29 grams of protein, 8.4 grams of fat, 20 grams of carbohydrates and a host of vitamins and minerals, including copper, zinc, selenium and magnesium in one serving, in their natural forms.

Brewer’s yeast is included as part of the formula due to demonstrated ability to help stabilize the hindgut lactic acid microflora and assisting in cellulose digestion. A concentrated Hops extract is also utilized due to its ability to help lower lactic acid bacterial counts in the hindgut and assist with reduction of acidosis.

Cur-OST EQ Rejuvenate. Nutrients the way nature intended. A great addition to any regimen, but especially beneficial to those prone to hindgut concerns with a need for nutrient provisions, including equine metabolic patients.

For further information regarding our Cur-OST EQ Rejuvenate, please visit: Specific product questions may be directed to Tom Schell, DVM, via email at

Nouvelle Research, Inc. is the manufacturer of the Cur-OST line of curcumin based equine supplements that target the inflammatory response. Dr. Tom Schell has been an avid researcher of inflammation, applying and conducting research with the goal of developing new options to help maintain health in the horse. For more information please visit our website at or by calling 1-800-476-4702.






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