Cur-OST EQ Stomach New Release

Nouvelle Research, Inc., the creators of the curcumin-based Cur-OST equine anti-inflammatory formulas is proud to announce the release of their new product, Cur-OST EQ Stomach!

The EQ Stomach formula has been research developed and clinically tested for the past year with tremendous results, targeting gastrointestinal health and reducing the impact of ulcers and stress. The EQ Stomach formula utilizes potent levels of the two most active ingredients: Marshmallow and a concentrated Aloe Gel Powder, in a readily available and palatable form.

Most current gastrointestinal supplements provide low levels of Marshmallow and Aloe, while providing high levels of inactive ingredients. Marshmallow and Aloe have been shown in clinical trials to benefit the gastrointestinal tract by aiding in tissue healing, stimulation of local immune response and reduction of inflammation, which all help to impact the negative effects of stress and excess gastric acid.

Cur-OST EQ Stomach provides 13.5 grams of both Marshmallow and Aloe with each serving to get the results that your horse needs!

Gastric ulcers are a major problem in the equine industry, resulting in a high demand for prescription medications. In most instances, gastric ulcers are a by product of excessive stress, resulting in high levels of acid production and erosion of the stomach lining. This results in clinical behaviors ranging from behavioral, training and grooming problems, but also signs of colic, which can be life threatening.

The overuse of prescription proton pump inhibitors (PPI’s) only reduces the production of acid, while doing little to combat the original cause which is stress. In some human studies, there is overall concern over the prolonged use of PPI’s due to interference on nutrient absorption, including magnesium, which could create further health problems.

In clinical trials, the EQ Stomach formula produced results in over 90% of the patients in less than two weeks with a reduction in medication demands and overall improvement in behavioral problems, “girthiness,” and reluctance to be groomed. Patients were more willing to work, seemed more content and the owners were very pleased with the results.

EQ Stomach has been utilized by Dr. Tom Schell, founder of Nouvelle Research, Inc., for several years in his clinical and OTTB rehab patients, helping to reduce the gastric impact of stress associated with injury and transportation with tremendous results in a short period of time.

Gastric ulcers and overall distress can be very costly to manage and can potentially have serious health consequences. Through the use of Cur-OST EQ Stomach, the clinical problems can be reduced at their root with an overall improvement in the patient systemically, not just locally at the level of the stomach. The results can be seen not only in behavior and reduction of colic, but also are demonstrated in an improved hair coat and hoof condition, which demonstrates the impact of improved gastrointestinal health.

Focus on the ingredients your horse needs and reduce your costs today! Recovery is possible!

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