EQ Saddle Science Named a Contributing Sponsor of the Adequan/USDF Annual Convention

Carmi Weininger, founder of EQ Saddle Science, said, “USDF is the perfect venue to officially debut our new saddle and technology."

EQ Saddle Science has been named a Contributing Sponsor of the Adequan/USDF Annual Convention, to be held in Lexington, Kentucky November 29 to December 2. Here the movers and shakers of the dressage world will have the first opportunity to experience this patent-pending flapless saddle that allows horses to move more freely, and riders to sit with more stability. Research, product testing, and field testing consumed nearly two years, highlighted by a study conducted by Dr. Hilary Clayton, and soon to be published.

Carmi Weininger, founder of EQ Saddle Science, said, “USDF is the perfect venue to officially debut our new saddle and technology. It’s the officials, judges, trainers, and other thought leaders of dressage that come to this convention, and who better to be the first to sit in it, review the research, and see for themselves? We are looking forward to raising the curtain in Lexington and letting everybody see what we’ve learned through extensive testing: that we’ve created a system that profoundly improves the balance and effectiveness of riders at any level.”

While supplies last, EQ Saddle Science has a couple of handy gifts for attendees to choose from when they stop by, and to commemorate the occasion of the first public reveal. In addition, EQ is hosting Q&A sessions in their exhibit with leading riders who have extensive experience with the saddle, at specific times to be announced. These sessions will feature notables such as biomechanics scientist Dr. Hilary Clayton, Freestyle Committee member and USDF “r” Judge Anne Howard, and Grand Prix trainer Jennifer Marchand.

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EQ Saddle Science is an organization as unusual and high-quality as the saddles they make, and represent a true revolution in the sport horse world. Riders and their horses are constantly changing, and the conventional approach to saddle design does not address this dynamic, resulting in saddles that can’t evolve with the horse and rider. Over time, these conventional saddles, no matter how high-end or how frequently re-fitted and -flocked, may hinder freedom of movement, skill development, and training progress. EQ’s proprietary technology provides a better outcome for both horse and rider than this conventional tack allows, with innovation based on horse and rider biomechanics, and extensive verification of the remarkable functionality of our saddles with scientific testing. EQ permits horses and riders to realize their full potential, to a level they may not even be aware they can reach.






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