EquiMedic’s New Equine First Aid Kit Bag Design

EquiMedic USA, Inc., announces a radically new design of one it its famous equine first aid kit bags. The Small Trailering Kit is one of the four core kits that the company launched with in 2003. “This marks our third re-design of one of our four most popular kit bags,” noted EquiMedic USA CFO Kelsey Baker. “We’ll never quit striving to make our kits the very best that they can be.”

The new Small Trailering Kit bag is larger, more rugged, and offers quite a few more organizational features. The single handled kit has two large outside zippered end sections, as well as a zippered pocket on the front of the bag flap.

When fully opened, the bag features the ability to hang by the outer top flap, allowing the inner lower flap to hang down for ease of accessibility to all items in the bag. Both flaps offer smaller mesh and clear vinyl zippered pockets. A central compartment between the two flaps does most of the heavy lifting in this design. Elastic loops around the outer sides of the main compartment keeps bottles and jars safe and upright, along with equipment like syringes, scissors and tweezers.

“As we identify areas where we can make changes to make our kits more functional and user friendly, we will step up to re-design and modify either what is in our kits, or the physical design of the organized bag itself,” Baker explained. Most of EquiMedic’s equine first aid kits come complete in soft-sided bags made expressly for the purpose of whatever that kit has been designed to offer and accomplish.

“Having what you need for a horse emergency is very important,” Kelsey Baker explains. “But having those supplies and that equipment readily available and easy to find is equally as important,” she added.

When the company was started over a decade ago, an extensive search was made of existing soft-sided kit bags, as well as emergency and medical specific soft-sided bags. In the end, EquiMedic found nothing existing in the marketplace that was deemed adequate to provide the necessary quick access, and the protective needs of the kit contents.

Keeping all supplies clean as well as safe guarding the investment in asset that the products and equipment alone represented was also primary to the exclusive design features. The explicit needs for a bag to carry larger and heavier equine supplies and equipment were specifically nonexistent in the marketplace, forcing the pioneer company to design their own soft-sided bags from the start.

“In that initial search process we also looked at hard-sided totes, and in the long run we abandoned all considerations of hard-sided totes,” Baker confessed. “Hard-sided totes break easily in the oft-times harsh environments around horses and large livestock, especially in cold weather, in which case they can shatter like glass. We found these types of containers to have little to no value.”

Organizational value, ease of access and protection of contents were core necessities that EquiMedic USA was founded on in 2003, its launch date after three years of research and market preparation. With haste and emotional distress, being the operative words of an emergency, the EquiMedic USA team highly prized and valued the need to have a lot of organizational features planned into their kit containers. They realized that the only ones who could plan and design these soft-sided containers was themselves.

“We have built plenty of organizational features into our soft-sided bags over the years. And what we have found as we have gone through this past decade is that we’ve been able to get even better at it. Hence we update, and redesign when we think we can offer our horse owning customers something better than what we’ve been doing,” Ms. Baker explained.

Lots of divided sections, separately zippered pockets, clear plastic pockets, mesh pockets, Velcro attached and movable dividers, daisy chains (elastic loops) and customized places for the supplies and equipment that is in each kit characterizes the normal features of a highly designed EquiMedic USA kit bag.

“Our specifically designed soft-sided kit bags are our personalization; our signature statement for our customer’s wise use,” Baker said. “Not only do we distinguish ourselves by being the only company in the world who does what we do, but we personalize ourselves in value to the equine industry by the highly designed kit bags that we place our kit contents into.”

Another highly distinguishable feature of the design of an EquiMedic USA equine first aid kit bag is that they are always designed and planned to have extra room. “Many horse owners have at least a few horse emergency products at home, in the barn, or trailer, and part of the EquiMedic concept is to be able to put all of a horse owner’s emergency supplies together; either those previously owned, or those yet to be purchased in the future as a horse owner upgrades his inventory.

“What goes into our bag doesn’t have to be purchased from us,” Baker noted. The basic concept in an EquiMedic USA first aid kit bag is to get everything related to emergency preparedness together and conveniently stored in one place.

“Our designs for our soft-sided bags are made to our exclusive specifications, beginning with the fabric, and all of the input products in our bags, on down to the zippers, pull tabs, mesh, elastic, clear vinyl, etc. Our fabric is a heavy gauge poly laminated fabric that makes our kits moisture and dust proof,” Baker pointed out.

A soft-sided bag can conform to its contents better than a hard-sided tote and not allow for wasted space because of hard-sided containers inside of the kit. A hard-sided tote always remains the same un-moldable and unadaptable size, even if it is half empty.

“The soft-sided bag can not only take up less space as contents dwindle between replenishing, but the soft-sided bag can fit and conform itself to many more storage spaces than its hard-sided tote counterpart,” Ms. Baker explained.

“These soft-sided kit bags can be stored and stowed in some pretty dusty and filthy conditions, and yet keep the contents dry, dust free and protected. Then they can be emptied whenever they need to be rescued back in to exterior cleanliness, thrown into the washing machine and dryer whenever needed, and come out looking like brand new,” concluded Baker, a South Dakota roper.

EquiMedic USA vows to keep raising the bar on their own ability to provide the equine industry with serviceable first aid kits and the bags they design to keep them serviceable in. Their two largest kits, each weighing over 60 pounds, will continue to service their heavy duty responsibilities to horse owners in Stanley Black & Decker workstation boxes. “These actual tool boxes, are not only mobile on wheels, with retractable suitcase styled handles, but can withstand the challenges of environments, cold temperatures, and abusive conditions.”

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