FITS Introduces Free Flex Full Seat Breech for Spring 2015

FITS, inventor of the most athletically advanced riding breech on the market, has done it again with something the equestrian world hasn’t seen before.

The new Free Flex breech has all the great features FITS breeches are known for: patented three-way gusseted crotch, pro-athlete anti-fatigue compression fabric, and tummy-smoothing ab control panel. It also has the legendary stick and yoga-pant comfort and freedom of the Original PerforMAX full seat, but it’s doing both with a traditional-looking full seat finish.

The secret is a new fabric that founder Sheryl Rudolph found for the full seat portion of the breech. She said, “The Flex-Leather synthetic is a major breakthrough in textiles. It is as sticky–maybe even more so–than the perforated deer skin of our Original full seat, and paired with our PerforMAX fabric, offers über-stretch qualities that make it feel just like a yoga pant, even without the segmentation that made our Original breech so wildly popular. Plus, it’s machine-washable!”

For dressage riders, it’s important to be able to swing a leg over the saddle and truly settle down deeply into the center of the seat, with each femur free to move up, out, backward and forward without binding or pinching. FITS has found that two key areas cause problems: the crotch and the thigh-butt articulation point.

Upon consideration, it’s easy to see how the Original full seat revolutionized it both, with a patented three-way gusseted, leather-free, seam-free crotch, plus a segmented leather approach that put a strategic gap right at the curve of the butt cheek, or at the point of articulation.

The new traditional-looking Free Flex takes the exact same approach with the patented crotch area, but is able to skip the segmented look with a clean long expanse of lovely Flex-Leather stretch synthetic, and still have complete yoga-pant freedom of movement through the hip-thigh articulation. This is the secret that gives FITS’ legendary performance and comfort, but with a wholly traditional look dressage riders will appreciate.

The FITS Free Flex features a fashionable and flattering back yoke and euro seat, with a zip front. It’s machine washable and dryable, and is made in the USA. It starts shipping to stores in March 2015, and will be available in black, stone or clay, sizes XS through XL, for an MSRP of $178.

See for a complete list of online and local retailers, and for more information.

FITS (“Fun In The Saddle”) launched in 2005, bringing to market the original patented PerforMAX™ top-performance technical breech that continues to revolutionize the way riders connect with their saddle, their horse, and their riding experience. Today FITS has a well-deserved reputation as inventor of the most advanced athletic wear for the English rider, with a full range of exceptional performance clothing for year-round riding. FITS is sold widely throughout the USA, with growing availability in Australia, Canada, Denmark, England, France, New Zealand, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.






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