Flax Bedding USA Now On The Market for Horse Owners

I am excited to share with you a new type of bedding that is the healthiest for your horses, the best for your farm and the environment, and more economical than shavings and straw. This bedding, made of flax shives, is widely used in Europe and Canada, but is only now being introduced to the US, and we are proud to be the only distributors of this bedding in the US.

Flax Bedding USA

Flax bedding is derived from the flax plant, which is first harvested for the seeds, then for linen or fine/cigarette paper, and finally the remaining straw is processed for our bedding. Flax bedding is non-allergenic, is absolutely dust free, and at least twice more absorbent than the usual bedding materials used in the U.S. (straw, pine shavings and sawdust). Because it absorbs more urine than all the other beddings, it is cost-efficient and produces less muck, which means less money to dispose of the muck.

Another extremely important benefit of this bedding is the fact that it does not burn, it only smolders, making it easier to deter and extinguish a potential barn fire!

In my opinion, the most beneficial characteristic of flax bedding to the Thoroughbred athlete (or any equine athlete) is the fact that it is dust free. It is well-documented how stabled horses are continuously breathing in organic dusts that generate sub-clinical (and many times, clinical) respiratory issues in horses. These horses respond by accumulating different amounts of mucus on their tracheobronchio tree, and the amount of mucus will negatively affect these horses when they race (see research here:

I had the privilege of working with Dr. Robinson, who is the world authority in horses and heaves, at Michigan State during my PhD studies, and lungs are really my passion. It is also very well documented that straw and shavings are full of allergens and organic dusts, and for a horse to breathe in these disease-creating particles all day long, is a recipe for future problems.

Allow me to outline to you all of the advantages of flax bedding when compared to other bedding products:

1. Equine and Human Health Benefits:

  • Completely dust free
  • Absorbs more ammonia than common bedding materials
  • Ensures horses are always on a dry surface
  • Ideal for horses with airway problems
  • Ideal for horses sensitive to allergies
  • No dust means healthy lungs (horses’ and humans’)

2. Cost-Efficient:

  • Requires 70% less than straw or shavings: because it is more absorbing
  • Cheaper to remove: because it produces less muck
  • Easier to dispose of
  • Produces 70% less waste than straw

3. Good for the Environment:

  • Renewable
  • Sustainable
  • More biodegradable
  • Can be spread without composting
  • Produces less waste (cheaper to dispose of)

4. Good for Pastures:

  • Breaks down quickly
  • pH neutral: does not alter the soil pH
  • Easier to spread than any other bedding because of particle size
  • Adds N to the soil instead of depleting it like wood products (shavings and sawdust)

In both a per month and a per year cost comparison, Flax Bedding USA is cheaper to purchase, dispose o, and handle than both shavings and straw. So not only will your horses be healthier, your bottom line will also be positively impacted.

Attached you will find a price comparison chart and a photo of the bedding where you will see that not only is flax bedding cheaper, healthier and better for the environment, but it is also very aesthetically pleasing.

We are located in Lexington, Kentucky, and can easily distribute around this area. We can also send flax bedding anywhere to the US by the truckload.

I would love to answer any questions you may have! Please contact us at 859-229-0741 email, or message us on our Facebook page!

For more information visit

For the video showing how absorbing the bedding is visit (Pardon the editing of the video…. it was done by me.)

Flax Bedding USA, LLC is a family owned company.






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