Get the Nutritional Perspective on Joint Health in Dr. Getty’s Newest Book

June 11, 2013 — Joints, like all tissues in the body, rely on nutrients for maintenance and repair. The horse’s body prioritizes its use of nutrients, first supporting vital organs—heart, lungs, liver, kidneys and brain—then giving what nutrients are left over to the rest of the anatomy. So it’s vitally important that the horse’s diet include sufficient nutrients to make it all the way to the organs at the end of the body’s hierarchy, the joints. Supplementing for joint health without first establishing a sound dietary foundation is a waste of effort and money.

In her new book, Joint Health—A Nutritional Perspective, Juliet M. Getty, PhD, explains joint structure and the dietary requirements to maintain or repair joints, then discusses various ingredients found in common joint supplements and their appropriate applications. The book is expanded from her teleseminar, “Joint Supplements—So Many Choices!” with additional valuable information about the nutritional basis for joint health.

Joint Health—A Nutritional Perspective is the fifth book in Dr. Getty’s series, Spotlight on Equine Nutrition. Other titles include:

  • Aging Horse—Help Him Grow Old with Dignity and in Health
  • Easy Keeper—Making It Easy to Keep Him Healthy
  • Laminitis—A Scientific and Realistic Approach
  • Whole Foods & Alternative Feeds, about enhancing the horse’s diet with non-traditional food

Buy the Spotlight on Equine Nutrition series books at or on Amazon.

Juliet M. Getty, PhD, is an internationally respected equine nutritionist available for private consultations and speaking engagements. Getty is the Contributing Nutrition Editor for the Horse-Journal, and her comprehensive reference book, Feed Your Horse Like a Horse is offered for purchase through her website and at There’s a lot going on at sign up for Getty’s informative—and free—monthly newsletter, Forage for Thought; read articles and search her nutrition forum; and register for her ongoing webinars and teleseminars, available live, recorded or, in some cases, in print. Contact Getty directly at [email protected].



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