GGT-Footing Introduces a New Blend with Lycra Fibers

GGT-Footing, the equine division of Polysols Corporation, is introducing a new blend of material geared toward the Do It Yourself arena owner.

In the past, our high-quality textiles have competed successfully in a market filled with cheaper products.

One of the challenges we have experienced is clients who have existing sand that is not up to par for our mainstream GGT Footing Products.

This new blend has 30% of fibers created by 20% Lycra, (elastic fiber) and 10% polyester fiber in a black color. The DIY (Do It Yourself) blend is a multi-colored geo textile that easily blends with most levels of sand products. The lycra allows for more energy and bounce while also binding and blending to the sand. This blend also has the ability to deflect the glare from the sun due to its color scheme.

The retail cost is $0.93 per pound, which makes it the least expensive GGT-Footing textile with 30% fiber on the market.

The Lycra elastic fiber can also be purchased separately as a component to add to existing arenas or new installations.

We also offer a dust control product called Dust Absorber.

Not all textiles are created the same; some have fiberglass and other products in them. GGT- Footing Company prides itself on its level of quality control and safety to horse and humans.

For more information on GGT Footing contact Cynthia Brewster-Keating at [email protected], or call 864-804-0011.

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