Hay Chix Hay Rack: The Easiest Hay Feeder to Use on the Market!

Hay Chix is pleased to announce the release of the Hay Rack, a revolutionary corner feeder that works in stalls, lean‐tos, turn outs, on panels, on fences or on barn walls–anywhere there’s a corner, both indoors and out. This versatile “queen of the corner” feeder takes full advantage of this often overlooked space, helping horse owners to maximize their feeding set‐up. The Hay Rack includes a metal, 24” x 24” frame and Hay Chix Hay Net (Half Bale/Full Bale sizes), hardware and is quick to install. Once installed, just like the other Simple Feeding Solutions from Hay Chix, this feeder drastically reduces hay waste, saving owners significant money. Plus, with no closure hardware required, it’s extremely easy to use, saving owners time–just toss in your hay and walk away!

The Hay Rack is a Patent Pending Design of Hay Chix.

About Hay Chix

Hay Chix is the leading US provider of slow‐feed hay nets, specializing in optimal solutions for all equine and livestock feeding environments.

We use the highest quality materials combined with creativity and know‐how to produce products unlike any others on the market. From 1,700-pound bales to square bales or even flakes, we create the X factor with every design to ensure that our customers get the most out of their feeding budget.

Olson and Kris Jacobsen, Hay Chix co‐owners, are animal advocates who have worked in commercial and private ventures. They have advised veterinarians, horse owners and managers for over a decade, helping hundreds of equine enthusiasts become more holistic, productive and profitable. All nets are made in the U.S.A. and a portion of all profit goes to help horses in need.

For more information visit or call 715-483-1770. Watch our video at






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