Hock Shield Brings Raider Through Healing to Heeling

“Two years ago my grey cow horse, Raider, came up lame,” began the message, greeting Shari Click, of Click Horse Products Inc., from her In box. It was a horse owner, Kelly D., who continued: “He was diagnosed with a fissure fracture, a stress fracture and a small chip from a birth defect that went undiagnosed. All in his left hock.”

Fractures, according to the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP), occur in horses in the event of trauma or due to stress caused by over-exertion. A bone can break completely or suffer a fissure or ‘crack.’ New technologies permit fixing many fractures, but the challenge remains that horses are heavy animals and cannot lie down for long periods of time. An animal can usually still walk, and lameness subsides with rest and pain killers, but it is dangerous to return horses to exercise since stress fractures can become catastrophic.

“We injected him, did Acuscope, and laid him up for a year. We were told that he might come back as a trail horse. ” (An Acuscope is an electronic medical instrument that reduces pain by stimulating the nervous system subcutaneously without puncturing the skin.)

“What I also did when he started his recovery was use your Hock Shields,” she wrote. “Raider has fully come back as a heel horse, which is what he was before he went lame. He no longer has sores on his hocks, which helped speed up recovery time. Wanted you to know your Hock Shields were a big help to Raider.”

Raymond Petterson, creator of veterinarian-approved Sox For Horses Inc., which has teamed up with Click and Hock Shield to offer combined healing support for leg and joint injuries, isn’t surprised about Raider’s recovery: “We have found the Hock Shield to be the most secure and simple hock protection device offered.”

Petterson will be available to discuss the success Sox For Horses has found teaming up with Hock Shield during the Florida Association of Equine Practitioners (FAEP) 53rd Annual Ocala Equine Conference, January 22-24. Learn about Click Horse Products, and find more success stories using the Hock Shield, Hock Shield Ultra and Fetlock Shield at or call 831-426-1206.






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