Hock Shields Baby Your ‘Baby’ Through Every Stage of Maturity

“Our Warmblood filly is ‘horse-tall’ but still sleeps like she’s a foal on the floor of her stall,” Harvey and Kim Rose of Pinellas Park, Florida, told Shari Click of Click Horse Products, Inc. and creator of the Hock Shield.

The president and secretary of the Suncoast Dressage and Combined Training Association continued, “We used rubber mats but no matter how much bedding we added, her hocks would develop sores that could not heal because every night she reopened them. We got Hock Shields and in less than a week, her sores had dried and shrunk to almost nothing. In another week, they were gone altogether. The Hock Shields stayed on and in place all night and were easy to put on and take off. We washed them in cold water gentle cycle, dried them on low heat and they came out fluffy and clean. Great product! We’re telling all our fellow horse-keepers how happy we are with Hock Shields.”

Veterinarians agree that joint protection is especially important in young horses to allow immature bone and cartilage to develop properly.

“Warmbloods mature much slower than Thoroughbreds. Even a four year-old Warmblood isn’t done growing,” cited Richard Markell, DVM, of Ranch and Coast Equine Practice, in a report by Christine Barakat on Fighting Arthritis at Every Age. Condition and coddle a young horse as carefully–if not more–than you would a mature horse coming back from an injury. “The better quality the horse, the more they are going to be able to do, and the more you will want them to do it,” he said. Take care of your young horse’s joints and their comfort now, to invest in a stronger, longer-term partner ahead.

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