Horizon Structures Presents ‘Who Let the Dogs Out?’

Most horse owners are dog owners too. Smart horse owners know that having dogs around their equine facility provide more than companionship.

Most horse owners are dog owners too. Smart horse owners know that having dogs around their equine facility provide more than companionship. Dogs are an early warning device announcing the arrival of visitors to the farm and can provide a level of security, they chase down vermin, and are of course a great source of amusement with their antics providing a de-stress therapy treatment. A dog is a multi-faceted talent, and consequently many of us have more than just one.

But dogs can also be an issue. 

Here are the top five reasons you should consider having a professional-grade kennel on your property if you have dogs.


Our canine friends can become quickly overwhelmed with too much input from visitors. If you are hosting a clinic or show, your dogs may find themselves overcome with all the noise and input. A safe, secure environment is a boon, and a professional kennel with an indoor/outdoor area, hygienic cleanable surfaces and shelter from the sun and rain is extremely useful.

I have a friend who ran over her dog in the driveway backing out. There are many instances of this happening. Horses being loaded and unloaded off trailers and inquiring canine noses are a recipe for disaster. The rear view low visibility of pick-up trucks and obviously large equipment backing up is a common cause of accidents.


Horses kick. Dogs bite. While most of your horses may be fine with your canine companions, a visiting horse and/or rider may not be familiar with dogs in the yard and everyone can get hurt. This is additionally a sincere liability issue for you, the dog owner.

Who Let the Dogs Out?

Your visitors, boarders and clients may wish to bring their dogs with them to a lesson. Nobody likes to leave a dog in a hot car even with the windows down. Plus most dogs will rightfully exit the vehicle on their own merit if given the opportunity. If you provide a professional-grade kennel on your property, you can allow folks to bring their dogs without the risk of a dogfight breaking out or the worry of a visiting dog intimidating children or other guests.

Revenue Source

If you have a farm/ranch, you probably have plenty of room to install a professional-grade kennel. Your clients trust you with their horses when they are away and will almost certainly also trust you with their dogs. This provides an added value to your boarding/training business. A one stop shop! The kennel will also provide the perfect place for you to host dogs for your relatives when they are out of town.

Horse Shows and Dogs

You may be off to a horse show and while dogs may be permitted on leash, you may just not want to deal with the additional responsibility of the dog when you are focused on competition. Hotels may be pet friendly, but most will not tolerate a dog left alone in the room. While you are away, your barn help can take care of your dogs in the kennel without you having to compromise your privacy and the security of your home by allowing access to the house to babysit the dogs. The kennel also provides a safe environment where your dogs won’t be able to rip up the couch in protest at your absence. Did you know professionally designed kennels offer a secure location (away from bears or other nosey critters) for your dog food and supplies? And kennels can be heated and/or air-conditioned.

This article is brought to you courtesy of Horizon Structures Inc., Atglen PA – Modular horse barn and indoor riding arena specialists. Please visit to learn more.

About Horizon Structures

One horse or twenty, there’s one thing all horse owners have in common…the need to provide safe and secure shelter for their equine partners. At Horizon Structures, we combine expert craftsmanship, top-of-the-line materials and smart “horse-friendly” design to create a full line of sheds and barns that any horse owner can feel confident is the right choice for their horses’ stabling needs.

All wood. Amish Made. Most of our buildings are shipped 100% pre-built and ready for same-day use. Larger barns are a modular construction and can be ready for your horses in less than a week. All our barn packages include everything you need –

Horizon Structures also sells indoor riding arenas, chicken coops, dog kennels, 1- and 2-car garages, storage sheds and outdoor living structures.

Headquartered in South-Central Pennsylvania, Horizon Structures, LLC, is owned by Dave Zook. Dave was raised in the Amish tradition and grew up working in the family-owned shed business. He started Horizon Structures in 2001 in response to an ever-increasing customer demand for high quality, affordable horse barns.

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About the author: Nikki Alvin-Smith is an internationally published freelance writer and photographer. Please visit to learn more.






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