HorseLic Delivers All-Natural Solution to Common Frustration

Today horses are expected to perform above their limits, live in unnatural environments and gain the necessary nutrients from feed owners are misled to believe are beneficial. New Generation Feeds has come to the rescue with an equine supplement program, HorsLic. This supplement program supports a “little and often” grazing method while providing a hassle-free option for owners. With three installments, HorsLic is a supplement program suited for every horse.

HorsLic Omega Elite is created for performance horses requiring more nutritional assistance, from breeding stallions to competition horses. Research has determined omega-3 fatty acids to be essential in a horse’s diet to aid growth, reproduction, lactation and overall performance. The elevated levels of omega-3 fatty acids and additional nutrients in Omega Elite allow horses to perform at their best in all situations.

Another formulation, HorsLic Performance, focuses its contents on the overall health of horses’ body condition and performance. With high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, trace elements and added vitamins and minerals Performance offers elite competition horses with the determined nutritional values to support their stressful activities.

Those horses that have been there and done that may need more support, which is what HorsLic Senior provides for them. Higher levels of protein, fat and nutrients allows older horses to live the life of luxury and continue to maintain their body condition and performance.

No matter the situation, stress level, age or gender- HorsLic has something for every horse. For more information visit or call 888-571-3421.

HorsLic equine supplements are manufactured by New Generation Feeds located in Belle Fourche, South Dakota. Since 1997, New Generation Feeds has been providing supplements that are Nutritionally Engineered, for patented, consistent, easy-to-feed, 24/7 delivery. HorsLic supplements are made in state-of-the-art, high capacity, manufacturing plants that are certified and assured by the Facility Certification Institute, HACCP and Safe Feed/ Safe Food. Visit for more information and dealers near you.






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