Introducing OxCart Utility Cart

A next-generation utility cart designed to move heavy loads with a riding mower, OxCart is now available for turf, lawn and landscape professionals, as well as farmers, gardeners and homeowners with some heavy moving to do. Featuring an innovative, exclusive power-assist lift, OxCart reduces dumping effort by up to 90%. 

The only cart dynamically tested by an independent certified lab to three times the capacity of typical dumpcarts, OxCart offers durability, greater safety and dramatically increased ease of use. Other innovative features include:

  • Run-flat tractor-grade turf tires to move heavy loads rut-free across turf, lawns and gardens
  • An offset dump pivot, eliminating harsh and abrupt dump release caused by heavy loads shifting
  • A full mandrel bend steel axle support to provide high clearance and super strength to hold and moveheavy load

“OxCart answers the unmet needs of lawn and landscape professionals, golf course superintendents and gardeners who need to move heavy loads like rock, sand, dirt, pavers and concrete with a riding mower,” said Todd Dechant, owner of OxCart Products.

Dechant designed and tested the OxCart over a period of three years before bringing his productto market earlier this year. His primary goals were to:

  • Make handling and controlling heavy loads easier
  • Enable users to do more with their riders
  • Get even bigger projects done faster than they thought possible.

Inspired by lifts used to raise heavy rear doors on most SUVs and minivans, OxCart combines the same lift, a safer offset dump-pivot moved to the rear, and a side-dumping feature patented design that delivers 60% more control for the user–power-assisted dumping at any angle.

“Most dumpcarts today are built for yard cleanup like leaves, branches and grass, but they fail when loaded with anything meaningful,” added Dechant. “Most user complaints center around flat tires, buckled frames, and bent axles, and those dumpcarts are also abrupt and out of control when you unload them.”

An innovative OxCart feature is a side dump that rotates 110 degrees from either direction, making it safe to place heavy loads exactly where they were meant to go. In addition, wider tractor-grade tires move a heavy load without creating ruts and feature run-flat technology, a liquid polymer that self-seals punctures instantly without losing air.

“In a nutshell, you can save your back, avoid unsafe dumping, and place loads exactly where they need to go without leaving a trail in the turf,” continued Dechant. “Carry More. Lift Less. What more can you ask for in a dumpcart?”

To view videos of OxCart in action, visit To purchase OxCart, contact authorized dealers in your state or visit

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