Is it Time to Change Bits for Your Horse?

A Kansas State University associate professor and Toklat/Myler bit expert outline warning signs for horse owners.

This short video from Valley Vet and Toklat can help you identify when to change bits.

While enjoying a ride with your best horse, she throws her head in frustration and pins her ears. You chalk it up as an off day, one of many as of late, but it could be much more than that. It could be time to change bits (a YouTube video link from Toklat and Valley Vet Supply).

“It is important to understand what the bit is doing and what to watch for,” cautioned Chris Blevins, MS, DVM, Associate Professor, Equine Field Service, with Kansas State University. “It is our responsibility to keep our horses comfortable.”

If your horse is experiencing bit pain and discomfort, you might notice signs of bit resistance.

“There are several signs of bit resistance,” said Judy Auble with Toklat and Myler bits. “The best way to determine whether your horse needs a new bit is to pay attention to how your horse reacts to your rein action and rein pressure.”

Could it be time to change bits? Watch for these warning signs:

  • Inverting, when horses ride with their muzzles held high
  • Riding behind the vertical, seen when horses tuck their noses into their chests
  • Gaping, when horses drop their jaws behind the vertical, relieving tongue pressure
  • Running through the bit or being heavy on the bit
  • Riding with their tongue out of the mouth
  • Consistent throwing of head and pinning of ears

“If you think your horse is experiencing bit resistance, look for the behavior repeated frequently and routinely,” Auble said. “When a horse inverts only once in a while or is fussing because his trail buddies left him on the trail, it could be more of a behavior or training issue.”

When exploring new bit options for your horse, take into consideration not only what you are doing with your horse, but also which mouthpiece best fits your riding style, recommends Dr. Blevins.

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