Kalley Krickeberg Designs and Patents New Hybrid Halter That Combines the Best Features of a Webbing and Rope Halter

It is the modern dilemma of any conscientious horse owner. You feel like you need two halters for every horse: a web halter for trailering, cross tying, or personalizing and a rope halter for...

It is the modern dilemma of any conscientious horse owner. You feel like you need two halters for every horse…a web halter for trailering, cross tying or personalizing and a rope halter for groundwork training, or even leading from place to place without your horse leaning on you. If you choose to stick with one halter style, you give up the functionality of the other. Choose to go the rope halter route and say goodbye to cross tying, personalizing and a no-slip fit. Choose to go with a web halter exclusively and you might find yourself tempted to resort to a lead chain over your horse’s nose as they drag you across the yard. Thanks to the new Hybrid Halter designed and patented by horse trainer and developer Kalley Krickeberg, horse owners can get the functionality of both halters in one innovative design.

“I train horses day in and day out, so I see the same faults in a tool over and over again. I hate the way a rope halter torques my horses heads to the side while doing groundwork, making them travel unnaturally, but of course, there are some features of a rope halter you can’t beat for training, namely that is hard for a horse to lean on. I love the fit, beauty and convenience of a web halter with a throatlatch snap, but hate that it is so easy for a horse to push on…I think the Hybrid is the best of both worlds, with a few other bells and whistles!” said Krickeberg, who debuted the invention in front of the crowd at the American Paint Horse Association’s World Show in Fort Worth, Texas, during her educational demonstrations on keeping a horse mentally fresh and happily engaged in his work.

“Most people’s first reaction when they see the Hybrid Halter is, ‘why didn’t I think of that,’ because it is so simple, yet effective,” said Krickeberg, going on to explain the Hybrid Halter’s construction.

“The cheek pieces through the crown piece is consistent to the traditional web halter. The nose/chin piece, jowl piece and connection piece are made of the same high-quality yachting braid, like the traditional rope halter. There is a sliding ring under the chin where your working rope is attached that allows the halter ring and the snap of your rope to slide a full 180 degrees. The yacht rope of the Hybrid Halter’s nosepiece has nose knots similar to the rope halter to encourage lightness. The innovation of this halter is combining the best construction and control features of both the web/flat and rope halters, hence the name Hybrid,” explained the horsewoman.

“The Hybrid Halter solves the lack of handiness and physically awkward dispersal of pressure when a signal is given to the horse because of the rope halter’s simple construction and operation, which causes it to move and shift, sometimes out of the range of effectiveness,” she said. “Also, the Hybrid Halter also is a much better training and controlling tool than the traditional web/flat halter because of the thin material around the nose and jowl, which discourages the horse from leaning on it, combined with the accuracy of signal relay because of the sliding ring under the chin. The webbing side construction allows for personalization with a horse name or barn name that is not possible with a rope halter.”

“The biggest training advantage of the Hybrid is you get those feels and pressures applied more precisely because the halter doesn’t shift and of course we want to build those positive patterns as soon as possible when training our horses. If you like to ride in your halter, using the slide ring, you’ll find it slides around to the side you are applying pressure to and acts more like a sidepull and won’t twist the halter on the horse’s face,” said Krickeberg, clearly passionate about her invention.

“The Hybrid is a rope halter with side rings, a sliding ring, a jowl snap, buckle instead of a knot, won’t tighten down and have to be cutoff in a pull back situation and can be personalized. It is also a web halter with control and more precision in signal delivery than a normal rope halter. I tried a lot of things, got a lot of blisters on my fingers making prototypes in coming up with this simple, but in my heart and mind incredibly useful tool that I believe will make training easier and horses more comfortable,” she added.

“My goal in offering this idea to the public was to offer something of high quality and function, and something that would help the horse have a better shake in the whole deal,” she concluded.

Benefits of the Patented HYBRID Halter:

•You can crosstie with it, trailer with it and personalize it

•You can use it for groundwork training and your horse won’t lean on it

•Strategically placed noseband knots encourage lightness

•It has the precise fit of a web halter and won’t tighten down if your horse pulls back

•It directs a signal to exactly the right spot thanks to its 180 degree slide ring

•Used as a hackamore, you’ll enjoy sidepull like action

•It won’t torque a horse’s head to the side like a rope halter will

•Its fit stays true and won’t loosen or sag like a rope halter

•Easy, one-handed on/off with no knots required thanks to the jowl snap

•When lungeing, you don’t have to change your lunge line depending on your horse’s direction of travel

For more information, or to buy your Hybrid Halter for only $69.99, visit or call 630-608-0804.

Kalley Krickeberg is a master young horse developer, presenter and horsewoman who has dedicated her life to finding the right combination of techniques and exercises to capture the heart, obedience and athleticism of her horses. She has taken all of her prior experiences–excelling in polo, working with the Budweiser Clydesdales, starting colts, taming wild mustangs and giving countless inspirational and educational demonstrations–and applied every lesson learned to her horse development. “I do not consider myself a clinician, I do most certainly consider myself a horse developer and horse trainer and that is my life’s work and greatest fascination,” said Kalley. “Like” Kalley on Facebook at and view the entire Horse Education line of DVDs, professional grade equipment and horse developer fashion at






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