Kensington Develops New Fit for Horse Blankets

June 5, 2013 — Kensington has been involved in the equine industry since 1954, and we have seen quite a few changes over the last 59 years. We feel as though we are on the brink of making changes that could impact the industry for years to come.

Kensington has been developing a new fit for horse blankets, one that will ensure a close, more protective fit despite every horse’s different build and body. This new SureFit is sure to fit.

In collaboration with the Friesian Horse Association of North America (FHANA), Kensington set out to design a cut to fit the unique build of a Friesian horse. After a year of testing numerous samples on a wide variety of Friesians, we found what we believed to be the perfect fit. Once this was complete, a Kensington employee, Becky Hasbach, took the sheet home just to see why Anthony, the owner of Kensington, was so excited. To everyone’s amazement, the next morning she was raving about how great this new SureFit worked on all four of her horses; a Thoroughbred, Haflinger, Appaloosa and a Belgian/Quarter cross.

With the realization that we could eliminate fitting confusion, we continued to make tweaks to the design over the next six months, continuously improving the design. Kensington has created a blanket fit to replace all of the work that comes with choosing the perfect fit; European, Traditional, Taper, or Quarter Cut. SureFit is designed to fit, work, and last.

SureFit is available in a number of Kensington blankets and sheets, starting with our newest Protective Sheet for 2013, which is offered in the following colors: Citrus Slate Plaid (171) and Deluxe Red Plaid (161). The SureFit cut will also be offered in our brand new line of blankets, the Platinum Series, which will be available for the 2013/2014 winter season. The Platinum Series will not only offer great-fitting blankets, but will also come in a durable 1680Denier ballistic nylon outer-shell, as well as the heat transferring/releasing CoolPlus lining.

With the new ownership of Anthony Gatto, Kensington has gone back to its roots, upholding the heritage of its very first slogan: NEW LOOK, NEW IMAGE, NEW DIRECTION.

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