Lakota Horse Trailers Launches Affordable ‘Colt Edition’

The new Lakota Colt horse trailer

“Wish I could afford one!” is something often muttered by people as they peer across show grounds at Lakota living quarters horse trailers. Countless options like double-slides, outdoor kitchens, custom floor plans and enough room for the whole family; Lakota trailers are known to be showstoppers. But for some, they are just a little too costly…until now!

Lakota Trailers has released a new line of horse trailers with living quarters specifically for those who are looking for a trailer with the Lakota quality, but for a much smaller price tag then both their Bighorn and Charger Edition horse trailers. The Lakota “Colt Edition” horse trailer is an all-aluminum living quarters horse trailer, featuring a treated wood floor exclusively in the horse area. Sharing the same Lakota framework and craftsmanship, the Lakota Colt is no exception when it comes to their stand-out design and stability.

The Colt Edition trailer has many sizing options, available in 6’9” or 8’ wide models, and 7’, 9’, 11’ and 15’ living quarters’ lengths. Interior design options are slightly more limited than that of the Bighorn or Charger models when it comes to floor, cabinet, and upholstery colors. However, the Colt has several options when it comes to floor plans to accommodate many different customers.

Lakota Trailers is thrilled to add the Colt Edition to their successful line of horse trailers. They hope to add many more horse enthusiasts to their family of Lakota owners with the smaller price tag of the Colt. To see pictures, videos, and even 3D tours of Lakota’s newest member of their horse trailer herd, visit

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