The Mikmar Bit Company Introduces The Legacy Bit…For All Western Disciplines

The Mikmar Bit Company, well known for its innovative and effective “Four Point Pressure” bit designs, proudly introduces the “Legacy Bit” a new bit tradition. Three beautiful, yet durable, true Western styles from generations before with today’s outstanding craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail mixing Sweet Iron and Stainless Steel.

“We’re truly excited to offer the Legacy bits to riders of all Western disciplines, they’re great for competitors, trail riders, cowboys and ranchers, whether you’re a pro or an amateur they’re very easy to handle!” said Kim Weyand, Mikmar Bit Co. vice president.

The new Legacy bits’ design puts an emphasis on helping the rider create a great feel and perfect timing by delivering a consistent, steady signal that is easy for the horse and rider to understand. They help develop a quiet, responsive mouth, encourage good vertical flexion with a nice lateral feel and independent shoulder lift. Each bit offers Tear Drop style short-shanks that swivel and a swept back angle that gives the bit a less-abrupt action when pressure is applied. The mouthpiece is slightly curved and extremely comfortable. The port is flatter shaped and provides ample room for the tongue and the bars are rounded to the corners of the shank, so there is no pinching. It’s made of Sweet Iron, a metal well known for its sweet taste and ability to encourage salivation which helps the horse to loosen and soften in the jaw.

There are three styles to choose from, each a unique look to match your own individual needs:

Item #LEG100-This style Legacy bit offers Sweet Iron Shanks, a darker flat finish colored shank with contrasting Chain Dots and Diamond Shaped Trim. Sweet Iron mouthpiece/size 5″ Price-$139.95

Item #LEG110-This style Legacy Bit offers plain Sweet Iron Shanks, a darker-flat finish color shank with contrasting Diamond Shaped Trim. Sweet Iron mouthpiece/size 5″ Price-$129.95

Item #LEG110SS-This style Legacy bit offers plain shiny Stainless Steel Shanks and Diamond Shaped Trim. Sweet Iron mouthpiece/size 5″Price-$134.95

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The Mikmar Company LLC is a leading manufacturer of innovative bits for all disciplines of the equestrian world. Recognized as the pioneer and sales leader of dispersed-pressure bits using unique metal compositions favorable to the horse, the company has many patented and patent-pending designs and materials. Mikmar products are sold in a network of retail outlets throughout the world. For more information about Mikmar products, for the Mikmar retailer nearest you, or to order online, contact Mikmar at 866-MIKMAR7 or visit






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