Optimum by Biostar EQ Now Available in a Powder

When you’re looking for a whole food sourced mineral and vitamin supplement, then look to Biostar’s Optimum EQ. Biostar EQ is happy to announce that they have just added a powdered version of this formula to their lineup.

July 24, 2013 — When you’re looking for a whole food sourced mineral and vitamin supplement, then look no further than Biostar’s Optimum EQ. Using gentle dehydration techniques and the freshest most nutrient rich foods, there is little than can compete with Biostar EQ’s products. Their ever popular Optimum EQ has been available up till now only in small bars for convenience feeding. Biostar EQ is happy to announce that they have just added a powdered version of this formula to their lineup for easier palatability for picky eaters. Available in 30-day supplies, Optimum EQ Powder helps maintain a better balance in the body’s natural abilities to utilize key nutrients in the diet.

Optimum EQ’s formulation by Biostar EQ uses a unique combination of vegetables, sprouted seeds, nuts, blue green algae, yeast, hemp fines and fruits to provide the body with what it needs to support overall well-being and performance. In short, all whole food sources without any preservatives, artificial colorings, flavors or sweeteners. Sprouted whole foods and whole food enzymes help to support the body’s ability to utilize key nutrients in feed, hay and forage, making it an ideal choice in today’s performance horse diets. Optimum EQ is the only organic and non-gmo (genetically modified) source for a vitamin and mineral supplement on the market today that is 100% whole food.

“For some time Biostar has explored turning our Optimum bars into a powder due to the tenacity of one customer in particular. The advantages of Optimum powder are that it allows horse owners to introduce Optimum slowly, by the pinch, so that gradually the horse gets used to the non-sweet taste without owners or barn help having to break up bars by means of coffee grinders or hammers. This also helps to satisfy the horses who prefer powders and makes mixing feed with Optimum simple and easy to do,” said Tigger Montague, chief formulator at Biostar EQ. “By means of a very simple machine that grinds the Optimum bars into a powder form, we were able meet the needs of our customers and still achieve the highest level of quality within our entire product line.”

The nutrients in Optimum EQ are all part of the vital whole food matrix, which provides important enzymes, protein chaperones, minerals and nutritional co-factors for optimal cellular utilization. Helping to balance the body by providing nutrients in small amounts, the food state vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, protein, fat, and fiber make for a healthy horse, shiny coat, good feet and strong immune system.

For horses needing an ideal vitamin and mineral supplement to add balance to the diet, choose Biostar’s Optimum EQ. Fed daily, 1 tablespoon (one ounce) once or twice per day is good for regular maintenance. For horses in a high performance setting, 1 tablespoon (one ounce) twice per day is recommended to combat the stresses in the body. Biostar’s Optimum EQ is available in a 30-day supply (60 ounces) for $66.00.

Biostar products use ingredients at the peak of their nutritional value, and combined with gentle dehydration techniques are able to maintain precious enzymatic activity and vital food factors found in raw foods. The supplements contain nothing genetically engineered, synthetic or artificial, no petroleum derivatives or other made-in-the lab vitamins, no fillers, binders or expounds–only pure, and the best-in-class whole food ingredients.

Biostar EQ offers a complete line of whole food supplements and formulas free of petrochemicals and coal tar derivatives for top level athletes and performance horses, including Optimum EQ. For more information on Biostar EQ products and whole food diets for horses, visit their website at






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