ScratchnAll Named Official Vendor to Intrepid International

ScratchnAll is the veterinarian-used and –approved durable scratcher pad manufactured by Animent and used by domestic and exotic animals large and small.

ScratchnAll can be attached just about anywhere.

ScratchnAll, the veterinarian-used and –approved durable scratcher pad manufactured by Animent and used by domestic and exotic animals large and small, has been named an official vendor with equestrian and livestock wholesaler Intrepid International of New Holland, Pennsylvania.

ScratchnAll provides safe relief from the dermatological itching that can plague barnyard, domestic and zoo animals. Each pad is made of durable hard or ‘soft touch’ nubbed rubber with 212 nubs that can stimulate acupressure points. The interlocking design makes installation easy on flat surfaces or corners. 

ScratchnAll comes in a variety of colors.

The unique interlocking shape allows owners and animal caretakers to create grids that best suit each animal’s enrichment needs. Each Made In America pad weighs just 10 oz., measures 6″ x 5″ x 1″ and is made with a type of elastomer that is FDA compliant, safe, durable, bends around corners, interlocks like a puzzle, and is accompanied by stainless steel hardware for mounting.

“Since scratching and grooming are enriching activities all animals enjoy, they will seek to rub on any convenient surface or object,” said ScratchnAll creator Cynthia Garry. “Unfortunately, the door jambs, furniture and posts that can offer convenient scratching places can also break or splinter, creating rough edges and sharp points that can puncture skin or result in other serious injuries.

“ScratchnAll offers a safe, effective choice in self-scratching that will not harm the skin, face or eyes,” Garry continued. “The small, durable nubs on each scratcher pad offer a comfortable, satisfying and non-irritating way for animals to relieve itching while massaging key acupressure points. The pads give animals a safe place to scratch anytime they feel the urge. That’s why ScratchnAll is leading the way in multi-animal scratchers.”

In 2009, Startup Nation named ScratchnAll among its Top 10 home-based businesses of the year and a top winner in the category of Boomers Back in Business (Garry founded ScratchnAll when she was 66 years old). A lifelong animal lover, she had the idea after noticing how her barn doors were being worn away by rubbing; an exposed nail convinced her something needed to be done before her own animals were injured. She met with a relative who had worked with a toy designer and the result was a scratching and grooming pad that animals can safely use. She sells her Made in the USA pads from her home in Dillsburg, PA, and employs workers from a local senior center to do the packaging.

Intrepid International is a family-owned business that manufactures everything for the horse and rider. Founder Larry Mitton started the business in 1996 under the name Tough Stuff Manufacturing in San Diego, California before moving first to Michigan and then establishing its services in Pennsylvania, where Intrepid operates out of a 33,200 sq. ft. building as well as factories in the United States and Taiwan. Find ScratchnAll and an extensive catalog of barn and stable, livestock and dog supplies, riding apparel, helmets, footwear, training aids and tack, and equestrian jewelry and novelty gifts at or by calling toll-free 800-347-0033.

Learn more about ScratchnAll high-quality pads used in barns and stables, homes, kennels and zoos, read testimonials from satisfied owners and professional animal caretakers, and order yours now at and on Facebook. 

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