ShowHauler Offers a Different Option to Hauling Horses and Camping

While many horse owners use a hauling vehicle and a tag-along or gooseneck horse trailer, there is another option if you want the convenience of hauling horses and staying with them. An all-in-one truck, camper and horse trailer might be right for you!

Swan Creek Conversions is a dealership for ShowHauler, the company who builds these all-in-one coaches. We designed them with the idea of those who have only a couple horses to take, but still want the luxury of a nice, full-powered coach to travel in.

The thought of towing a pickup comes to mind for some, maybe as a means of personal transportation and/or an extra means to haul the feed, bedding, tack, etc. In this case, a side entrance could be designed to serve your needs as well.

Attached are a few of the diagrams of some of our coaches–one showing the 2-3 stalls with bedroom above. This offers a full, spacious living quarters with private bedroom along with the option of having 2 or 3 horses.

The two-horse option allows for an area of extra tack storage (saddles, etc.).

If the third stall is needed, there are brackets for the saddle racks to be mounted in the outside compartments.

The layout with the stalls and tack above offers more inside tack storage, leaving your storage compartments outside to be utilized for personal storage needs. The living quarters are downsized slightly.

The second layout shows the stall size break down, depending on how you move your panels.

Please feel free to contact Tanya Kahl, VP Swan Creek Conversions, if you have further questions or would like additional information at 701-896-3333. Visit our website at and join our Facebook at

Stalls with tack space
Stalls with bedroom
Equine Hauler stall spacing
Two stalls with tack space
Back view of horse trailer






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