The Solution for the ‘Forelock Challenged’ Horse is the Click Fly Veil

Trail riding season is here, but nothing can spoil a pleasant day outdoors faster than annoying flies and biting insects harassing your horse’s face and causing the horse to fuss, toss its head and get behind the bit. It’s exacerbating and downright dangerous if your horse, lacking the natural protection of a long forelock, becomes too agitated to heed your cues.

That’s why lifelong rider and entrepreneur Shari Click of Click Horse Products, Inc., created the Click Fly Veil, for the “forelock challenged” horse. The browband and its stringed ‘faux forelock’ are easy to add to a Western or English bridle and comes in an array of attractive motifs including Indian, Peacock and Rainbow, and colors Aqua, Purple and Red.

“The movement of the strings keeps flies away from your horse’s eyes but does not block vision,” Click says. The Click Fly Veil is also easier to pack and carry on the trail than an unwieldy spray bottle of fly repellant. “Just tuck the Fly Veil into a pocket or saddlebag so it is always with you on the trail or in the arena. The beads (at the end of each string) add a little more swing, but if you don’t think your horse will feel comfortable with the beads, you can order a Fly Veil without them.”

Click Horse Products were created for horse lovers, by a horse lover. Throughout her many years as an owner and haven for retired Standardbreds, Click observed an overwhelming number of horses suffering from various conditions, from biting face flies to unresolved hock sores, and saw the frustration of owners continuously in search of solutions.

After years of dedicated research and development, Click Horse Products is proud to offer a catalog of simple and economic options including the Hock Shield ®, a device that protects hock sores while accommodating a wide range of motion, including laying down, standing back up, and walking around. “I have tested my products in many different situations and am confident you too can receive positive results,” she says.

The Click Fly Veil can be ordered direct for just $19.95 at, or contact Shari Click directly if you have questions about the Fly Veil or other Click Horse Products, or need a custom order, at [email protected], (831) 426-1206.



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