Sox For Horses, Inc. Proves Size Does Matter with Big News for Draft-Size Horses

Sox For Horses, Inc. is proud to announce its popular Summer Whinnys Silver line is now available for draft-size horses.

“We faced quite a challenge as there are no sock-knitting machines made that can produce horse socks of that size, so we had to get creative,” said Sox For Horses, Inc. President Raymond Petterson. “It took a great deal of time trying to engineer large horse socks from a machine, and all I could offer draft owners was the promise that someday, I would get it figured out.”

That day is now.

Last spring, Petterson met with award-winning veterinary dermatologist, research author and professor, Rosanna Marsella, DVM, of the University of Florida (Gainesville) College of Veterinary Medicine. As draft horse breeds are often highly susceptible to Equine Pastern Dermatitis (EPD), they talked about cases of non-responding EPD in heavy horses and the great need those gigantic legs had for the kind of protection only Summer Whinnys could offer.

Petterson abandoned knitting socks off traditional machines and, instead, began by sewing his Summer Whinnys Silver Warmblood/TB-sized socks together.

“It took anywhere from one-and-a-half to two pairs of Summer Whinnys to make one draft-sized sock, depending on hoof size,” he said. Sox For Horses, Inc. then put its shoulder to the harness with its sock-finishing team and the result was a draft horse sock both exceedingly well made, designed for durability, and offering the same trusted protection as the rest of the Sox For Horses line.

“We can now invite draft horse owners to ‘put a sock on it!’ ” he joked.

Summer Whinnys for Draft Horses maintain a hygienic environment around the legs useful for reducing dirt and debris near pre-existing wounds and reduce bio-burden on contact surfaces of the socks. Their high-performance, silver-impregnated yarn continuously protects Summer Whinnys from hosting bacteria and fungus even in the toughest of conditions. The potency of the silver in the yarn will not wash away or wear off, and the Draft Horse-sized socks can be machine-washed and dried.

Equines–from tiny to tremendous–can now find the same exceptional antimicrobial silver leg protection offered by Sox For Horses, Inc., in Summer Whinnys Silver and soon-to-be-released The Silver Lining Bandage/Wraps, offering another option in protection against sores and wounds on the legs, including hard-to-cover spots like the knees and hocks.

Draft-size Summer Whinnys Silver are custom-made in America for each horse. Call Sox For Horses, Inc. today to learn how to have a set made for yours. The Sox For Horses, Inc. mission is to help owners better help their equines, make a difference in the lives of people and animals by supporting equine and animal rescue organizations, secure and add jobs in American manufacturing and is an American Manufacturer. Summer Whinnys and their warm winter socks, Whinny Warmers, are Made In America. Visit or call Sox For Horses, Inc. at 850-907-5724 to talk to a real person about fitting the right socks for your horse.






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