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Stable Management Magazine Spring 2017

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The Spring issue of Stable Management magazine contained many articles that can help you better manage your equine business, whether that is a private farm, boarding facility, equine-assisted therapy program or a lesson program.


Biosecurity for Farms and Stables (page 4) can help you take precautions to avoid the introduction and spread of infectious and contagious diseases at your farm or stable. 

Wondering what to charge for a service? The 2017 Farm and Stable Fees Survey (page 14) can help you compare the financials of your horse farm, boarding business or riding instruction business to those of others in the industry. You also might get ideas of services to add to your current offerings.

Good Contracts Can Keep You Out of Court (page 24) offers you six contractual clauses that can save you money and legal headaches.

Being Neighborly (page 30) gives you a half-dozen common neighbor-relations problems common to equine facilities and tips about how to fix them.

Really hate to do the financial side of your equine business, but know you need to? The Basics of Bookkeeping (page 36) can help you get started, or get better, at this necessary part of running an equine business. And whether you maintain your own financial records or hire someone to keep them for you, it’s vital to stay on top of your numbers.

Did you know that you can get in trouble if you don't correctly classify your horse farm workers and pay them appropriately? In Wage Laws (page 40) you can take to first steps to find out if you legal under state and federal wage laws.

Avoiding ‘Train Wrecks’ in the Stable (page 44) offers you some valuable tips for developing an emotionally mature horse.

Want to make a little more money with your school horses or do you already offer trail rides as one of your profit centers? Trail Ride Services (page 46) offers advice on how you can make those hour-long rides more fun for you and your riders.

We know finding and keeping good employees is one of the most difficult jobs in any business, especially on a horse farm. In How to Keep Good Employees (page 48), you might find out that you are losing good help through your lack of interest or a failure to invest in workers as equine professionals.

In Stable Management Recommended Reading (page 55) you can check out articles you might have missed on There are new articles, product information and industry news posted daily.