Caring for Stall-Confined Horses

Horses are naturally suited for life in a pasture, but for many stables, that luxury just isn’t possible. Here are ways to help improve the health and happiness of stall-confined horses.

stable management vol. 18 cover featuring a red roan horse looking over a stall door. Coverline text: Caring for Stalled Horses

Many horses spend much of their time in a stall or a small paddock due to a property’s space constraint or for easy access while the horse is in training. However, there are consequences to this lifestyle. By understanding how stall confinement affects a horse’s physical and mental health, you can take measures to mitigate these effects. In this volume of Stable Management Extra, Nancy S. Loving, DVM, discusses how to improve the health and happiness of stall-bound horses.

  • How to improve air quality in stalls
  • Does spending time in a stall affect athletic performance?
  • The impact of stall confinement on young horses

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