Is Your Horse Hurting?: Interpreting Equine Body Language

Learn to "speak horse" and unlock a deeper understanding of how your horse is feeling.

cover of Stable Management Extra volume 21. Close up of horse eye. Copy: Interpreting Equine Body Language
Horses are constantly “talking.” Even subtle signs—a nose wrinkle, an ear twitch, a clamped tail—can communicate volumes of important information. Those who take the time to “listen” to their horses’ body language are rewarded with a deeper understanding of how their horses are feeling. In this volume of Stable Management Extra, Nancy S. Loving, DVM, shares her expertise in interpreting and evaluating equine body language.
  • How to determine if your horse is “acting out” or in pain
  • 24 behavioral markers that could mean your horse is hurting
  • What could constant bit chomping indicate?

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