A Collection of Winter Tips for Horse Farm Owners

This collection of articles can help you better manage your farm and horses during winter challenges. iStock/Imagine Golf

Horses are a 24/7/365 responsibility. In the winter, that responsibility can seem even more formidable because of the negative impact of winter weather.

In this article, we collected several references previously published on StableManagement.com that might help you are horse and farm managers better tackle the struggles of horse care in winter.

Wintertime Horse Hoof Care While horse hooves grow more slowly in winter, farrier care is still important.

Winter Horse Feeding and Hoof Care Cold temperatures will increase a horse’s energy requirement as the need to maintain core body temperature increases.

Just for Horse Folks: Winter Footwear for Equines Boots, shoe rims and rubber shoes are some winter hoof care solutions to keep your horses sound, shod and upright through the worst of winter.

Winter Travel Tips for Equestrians Tips to help you and your horses arrive safe when traveling this winter.

Horse Farm Fencing: Quick Winter Fixes Prepare your horse farm and stable fencing and gates for winter.

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