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4 Things to Consider Before Purchasing Horse Property
Are you shopping for your first or next horse facility? Janice Reeves, an equine real estate agent in Upstate, New York shares four things to think about when looking at a horse property.
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Horse Week Tuesday October 5 Schedule
Don't miss tonight's new documentary and featured equine videos, and you can watch videos that have already been released.
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Making of Champion from BI
Horse Week Is Here!
Horse Week starts tonight at 8 p.m. Eastern time. Don't miss any of these wonderful equine documentaries and horse videos because once they are gone on October 9, they are gone!
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Stable Management Extra August Hoof Care
5 Hoof Issues to Look For
As you start your morning chores, you glance at your horse in turnout and notice that he is unexpectedly lame. There is a noticeable limp, and when he rests, he points a leg in front of his body. Uh-oh....
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Massachusetts Confirms Two Neurologic Equine Herpesvirus Cases
In Massachusetts, Middlesex County had one confirmed case of EHM and six suspect cases at one boarding facility, and Plymouth County had one confirmed case of EHM. iStock/HagenCD The Massachusetts state...
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Mutual Healing for Veterans and Rescue Horses promo image
Research on Experiences of Military Veterans in a Therapeutic Horseback Riding Program
PTSD veterans were involved in research involving therapeutic horseback riding.
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Stable Management Extra: Dietary Strategies for Optimal Equine Health
Read or download your free Stable Management Extra PDF guide to using forage as a foundation for your feeding decisions and tips on equine nutrition. Brought to you by ADM's Forage First.
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It's 211 Day!
February 11 is being celebrated as 211 Day. Dialing 211 in many states gives access to health and human services and community organizations.
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Stable Management Extra: Diversity in Your Equine Stable
Volume 2 of Stable Management Extra focuses on diversity and the equine industry. Whether you own or manage a stable, teach riding lessons or just participate with horses, these articles can help you better...
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