Feeding and Care of Your Brand Ambassadors

Credit: Your brand ambassadors will celebrate your successes with you.

Your brand ambassadors are those people who say nice things and promote you and your business even when you aren’t around. If you stop and think of the best clients you have, those probably are your brand ambassadors. But with proper “feeding” and care, your brand ambassadors can do even more for your business!

Following are three steps to help your brand ambassadors help you.

1. Let them know you appreciate them, and be specific. When you let people know you appreciate them, and what you appreciate them for, they want to do more of that. People who are happy with you professionally (or personally) feel good about sharing you with others. Then when you appreciate that sharing, they get a double dose of “feel good.” Tell Susie that when she told Margaret about your great lesson program for kids and Margaret brought her daughter for lessons and became a good client herself, it was all because of her. Susie will be more inclined to do that again.

2. Do something unexpected and nice. If Susie not only is a good boarder and tells others about your lesson programs when you have openings, but she helps out around the barn or at your shows, show your appreciation. And make sure it is something that Susie will appreciate. If Susie likes ice cream, surprise her at the barn with her favorite flavor or a sundae. If Susie likes riding with you, give her an extra lesson “on the house” to show her how much you appreciate her help.

3. Let brand ambassadors know what you need. Don’t be proud. If you need some additional beginner students, tell your best clients and ask them to help you spread the word. You might be surprised at the tremendous outcome if the top 10% of your clients are helping you market your business. If you are looking for a new school horse, need barn help, or want to build some new jumps on your farm, let your brand ambassadors know. Their network might include the exact talent you are looking for.

Remember to “reward, recognize, and celebrate” the victories that you have, but also feel free to share your needs with your brand ambassadors. They will take pride in your successes, and help you achieve your desires.






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