Horse Treat Testimonials

Whether you purchase horse treats or make them yourself, make sure they are healthy for your equids.

Whether you purchase horse treats or make them yourself, make sure they are healthy for your equids. iStock/Anna Gorbacheva

We all like our snacks. Whether you have a sweet tooth or crave salty treats, chances are you have a stash of favorite eats in the cupboard (or your desk drawer). Horses also like to nibble on bite-sized treats, either given as a reward or simply because we like to treat them.

Ask 20 horse owners which horse treats are their favorite and chances are you’ll receive 20 different answers. A small, unofficial Facebook poll offered insight into the brands horse owners (and their horses) prefer.

Erin Zaorski, who owns Bright Star Farm in Layton, New Jersey, recommends Cowgirls Kitchen treats. The company is based in Great Neck, New York. “They are handmade by my good friend, so I know all the ingredients are top-notch, safe and good quality,” she said. “They are all hand made with premium ingredients, and my horses love them.”

Photographer Shelley Paulson also opts for locally-created treats. Her brand of choice is MAC Muffins based in Hugo, Minnesota. “My horses can’t get enough,” she said.

When it comes to treats available nationwide, Mrs. Pastures Horse Cookies topped the list as the favorite. In 1990, Patricia Burge, founder of Mrs. Pastures, developed her recipe and launched the business at age 66.

Karlene Bulson of Stillwater, New York, says that her horses love Purina’s Nicker Makers. However, she’s also tried the no-sugar-added option from Buckeye. They are also a hit with her horses and are a healthier option for easy keepers.

The funniest suggestion came from Stock Horse of Texas competitor Christine Hamilton, whose little bay mare is partial to Uncle Jimmy’s Squeezy Buns, treats that are made with natural ingredients and individually wrapped.

If you have the time and like to bake, is one of several sites that provide recipes for homemade horse treats. 

Many of the store-bought horse treats can be purchased from numerous online or in-store options, so shop around for what you want to treat your horse with!






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