You Can Make More Money by Upselling to Current Customers

Upselling is helping your current customers take advantage of other products or services you offer.

Would a person taking riding lessons like to lease or partial lease a horse of their own? iStock/Mordolff

Your best new customers are the customers you already have. 

Upselling is helping your current customers become familiar with other products or services you offer and happily paying you for them above and beyond what they are already buying from you or paying you to do.

For example, if you are a boarding farm that offers pasture board, semi-full board (you feed, they clean stalls), or full board, you have different levels of current customers. If you have a resident trainer who pays you a percentage for every lesson to use your facilities, that’s another source of income.

Therefore, if you have a full board client who learns about your trainer and starts taking lessons, you will make more money from that client. That’s an upsell.

If you have a client that goes from pasture board to full board, you’ll make more money from that client. That’s a upsell.

If you offer trailering of clients’ horses to specific shows for a fee, that’s a service that could be attractive to other clients. That’s an upsell.

If you offer braiding of manes and tails for shows, some of your show clients might decide to pay you to do something they either don’t have the time or talent to do. That’s an upsell.

If you offer lessons yourself on your own horses and you also sell horses, a lesson client might purchase a horse from you. That’s an upsell.

Do you have some personal horses that could use some exercise by the right person? Maybe a partial lease would fit that need for you and a person already in your barn taking lessons.

Basically, you need to make sure your clients know all of the services you offer, and you need to help them take advantage of the services that would benefit them. The best way to do that is to make a list for yourself, edit it and price it, then post it in your barn, on your website and on your social media. You also can send it in an email to clients whom you think would benefit from using those services.

In the end, it benefits you, too! A true win-win!






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