Resources for Building Your Equine Business in 2020

Here are some articles that might help you better understand and build your equine business this year.

Learn how to attract and retain clients to your equine business. iStock/JackF

We recently published a series of articles on building your equine business in 2020. We wanted to recap those articles, plus give you a few earlier articles that might help your equine farm or stable become more profitable.

Where Is Your Equine Business Now? Here are three steps to assess where your equine business is now to prepare for the future.

Where is Your Equine Business Going? Simplifying what you are offering in your equine business can help you be more profitable and feel less strained.

Expanding Horse Riding Lesson Programs 2020 might be the time to investigate expanding your equine business.

Assessing Your Lesson Horse Program Here are some tips on determining whether you can profitably add another lesson horse to your program.

Adding Services for Equine Stable Boarders Offering services that aren’t included in monthly boarding fees can bring additional revenue into your equine business.

Marketing and Business Tips for Adding Equine Boarders Finding clients is important, but making sure those clients add to your bottom line is even more critical.

Should Equine Boarding Barns Add Another Discipline? A successful expansion of your boarding services begins with planning and preparation.

New Client Outreach for your Equine Business In marketing for new clients for your equine facility, it’s important to be clear and intentional about your goals and services to attract like-minded people.

The Cycle of Equine Business Income Understand your equine business cycle and think outside the box about ways to offset a seasonal decline in revenue.

Tips for Improving Cash Flow in Your Equine Business Cash flow management will determine if your business is successful.

How to Create a Strategic Plan for Any Equine Business or Project Strategic planning is a recipe for success for a single project or your entire equine business.

You Can Make More Money by Upselling to Current Customers Upselling is helping your current customers take advantage of other products or services you offer.

Use Testimonials to Grow Your Equine Business Learn how to get and use testimonials to use in your equine business marketing efforts.

Myths that Can Doom Your Equine Business Avoid a myth-based equine business model and the legal problems that go with it.

How to Find More Hours and Forget Fewer Commitments Equine business owners are busy folks, so here are some tips to “find” more time and remember your commitments.

There are many more articles on that can help you better understand, manage and profit from your equine business. Check under the Stable Management tab on articles.






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