Stable Management Magazine Fall 2017

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Every farm or stable owner has maintenance to do around the property and buildings each year. Sometimes there is major reconstruction needed, and sometimes just minor repairs or improvements can make a big difference in the look and feel of a facility.


In the fall issue of Stable Management magazine, our cover story is about Rehabbing Your Farm or Stable (page 4). You’ll get tips on budgeting, focusing on safety, and small and large things you can do to your buildings and land to improve your facility.

And since many horse farm and stable owners either compete themselves or train people who go out to compete or ride for pleasure, we have an Update on Equine Herpesvirus (page 10). In this article you’ll learn more about the neurologic form of equine herpesvirus, as well as tips on biosecurity to keep your horses and property safe and disease-free.

The Hole that Swallowed the Horse (page 16) is a cute way of saying that if you have holes in your insurance protection, you could be in a heap of trouble! Whether property, equine or activity, you might need to address “holes” that could cost you dearly.

Dogs in the Barn (page 22) is a topic that has become a little heated at some facilities. While the owner’s dogs might have free-run of the facility, often boarders’ dogs are causing problems, or perhaps have already been banned from the property. In this article we look at options to keep your horses and boarders safe and happy where “guest” dogs are concerned.

When you have more than one human in the same space, you will have disagreements. In the article Dispute Resolution (page 28), we delve into the sometimes emotional issue of disputes on the farm.. And if you end up with a disagreement heading toward litigation, you should consider arbitration or mediation instead. Learn what these terms mean to you in solving a dispute.

Results from Stable Management’s 2017 Business Survey showed improved stability over last year. Learn more from this survey in More Stability in 2017 (page 33).

CHA Certification Shortfalls (page 38) discusses the fact that most instructor candidates at CHA Instructor certification clinics arrive with adequate safety skills, but leave with greatly enhanced safety awareness.

In Arena Equipment and Lessons (page 42), an experienced CHA instructor explains how to use your arena equipment to create better riding lessons.

Our Fall Product Spotlight (page 45) offered a closer look at products from our advertisers, the companies behind these products and information about where you can learn more.

In our Recommended Reading article (page 48), we highlight some articles from that should prove useful in your equine business.

We hope you enjoy the fall issue of Stable Management magazine.




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