Please Help Us with Stable Management's School Horse Survey

Credit: Thinkstock Please help us gather information on the important topic of horses who are used for lessons.

Stable Management encourages our readers to let us know topics they are interested in learning more about through surveys, our Forums and by direct contact. In addition to our annual Salary Survey, we are asking those of you who have school or lesson horses to answer a short survey.

Whether you own or manage school horses, or are a riding instructor who either leases or uses school horses, we ask that you please participate in our survey.

We have been unable to find any other surveys on school horses, so this is an important way to gather information about a topic of interest to many of our readers. We will share the results of the school horse survey in the fall issue of Stable Management magazine and on our website.

We also ask that you share the survey link with your friends and colleagues who also own or manage school horses or teach riding lessons.



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