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Finding a Farm-Sitter
As a farm owner, finding someone to care for your animals when you can’t might be challenging. Learn how to find help you can trust and set them up for success.
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hot horse jumping over fence,
Managing the Overheating Horse
Heat exhaustion can quickly become dangerous for horses, so it is important to understand how to cool them safely and efficiently.
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Immune Issues in Older Horses
Horses' immune systems often become less efficient as they grow older. Learn how you can help your senior horse combat this.
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pinto miniature horse
Managing Miniature Horses in Spring and Summer
Miniature Horses need special consideration in their management due to their small size. Here's why.
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Building Your Equine Business
Whether you focus on one breed or discipline, or like a mix at your facility, keeping horses healthy and clients happy is paramount to your business.
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Irrigation for Horse Pastures
Whether you depend on rain or irrigation, water is important to keep horse pastures producing properly each year.
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Grey Horse Grazing in Pasture
Tips for Feeding the Horse That’s a Picky Eater
Two equine nutritionists explain how owners can encourage their picky horse to eat.
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Understanding Ringworm in Horses
Learn how to prevent and treat this superficial fungal infection that can be spread to other horses or humans.
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Cleaning Horse Blankets
Industry experts share their tips for cleaning your horse's blankets this year.
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