Heather Smith Thomas

Reducing the Spread of Disease on Your Horse Farm
Infectious diseases can pose a great risk for your horses. Learn how to prevent and control the spread of disease.
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Horse Blanket 0001
Horse Blanketing Basics
To blanket or not to blanket? What type of blanket does my horse need? What are the risks associated with blanketing? One expert weighs in.
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Paddock and Field Management - Fall Fertilization
Follow these tips to get the most out of your fall horse pasture fertilization.
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Rat in an old wooden barn
Rodent Control in Barns and Stables
There are several ways to prevent and exterminate rodents on the farm. Learn how to choose the best option for your barn.
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Horse Barn Animal Sport Paddock Equestrian Ranch Racing Stable
Lighting for Horse Barns
Barn owners should consider their environment, budget, and availability of electricity when choosing new facility lighting.
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Selecting Quality Hay for Horses
Understanding how to choose high-quality hay and the right type of hay for your horse will ensure that they receive the correct nutrition for their individual needs.
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Large clean empty horse stable at the ranch
Choosing Bedding for Your Horse's Stall
When choosing from the many bedding products available for stalls, consider the horse’s individual needs.
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Portable Water Systems Enhance Rotational Grazing
These water systems can help make rotational grazing more practical for horse owners because they are an inexpensive way to bring water to any paddock.
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Horses on a farm in Kentucky
Understanding Pasture Analysis
Pasture can provide a great deal of the nutrients that a horse needs, so it is important to understand where pasture fits into your horse’s diet.
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