Katie Navarra

Katie Navarra has worked as a freelance writer since 2001. A lifelong horse lover, she owns and enjoys competing a dun Quarter Horse mare.
Desensitizing Horses to Unfamiliar Stimuli 
Using positive reinforcement training to create associations that new sights, signs, and smells are good can create confidence and boldness in horses fearful of novel situations.
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Tips for Maintaining Your Riding Arena Footing
Maintaining your arena footing will prolong its life and reduce the risk of injury for horses and riders.
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Beyond Basic Health: Body Condition Scoring
Regularly scoring your horse’s body condition will help you manage him properly for good health and welfare.
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Funny Donkey
Managing Donkeys Alone and in a Herd
Caring for donkeys is similar to managing horses, but it is important to understand the special considerations that donkeys need.
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horse with face flies
Preparing for Fly Season
Learn about best practices for minimizing flies and other insects in your barn.
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Close up view of documents in files placed in the filing cabinet
Staying Organized: Tips for Horse Farm Record-Keeping
These 4 tips will help you keep your personal or boarding barn files more organized and increase efficiency.
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horses grazing green pasture in spring
Tips for Spring Pasture Maintenance
These tips from industry experts will help you cultivate a high quality pasture for spring and the rest of the year.
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