Katie Navarra

Katie Navarra has worked as a freelance writer since 2001. A lifelong horse lover, she owns and enjoys competing a dun Quarter Horse mare.
Helping Horses That are Sensitive to Storms
Increasing your horse's positive experiences during storms can help him become less anxious over time.
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Desensitizing Horses to Needles
While many horses tolerate vaccinations and blood draws well, you can help desensitize your horse to the process if he doesn't.
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Staying Organized: Tips for Horse Farm Record-Keeping
These 4 tips will help increase efficiency by keeping your personal or boarding barn files more organized.
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Where is Your Equine Business Going?
Simplifying what you are offering in your equine business can help you be more profitable and feel less strained.
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Choosing an Arena Drag/Groomer for Your Horse Facility
Choosing the right footing for your arena and maintaining it well can make it last longer and be safer for horses and humans.
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Buying a Small Tractor for Your Horse Farm
Consider these factors when deciding what tractor is right for your horse farm.
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Managing Donkeys Alone and in a Herd
Donkeys are generally considered easy keepers, but it is important to understand the special considerations they need.
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Preparing for Fly Season
Learn about best practices for minimizing flies and other insects in your barn.
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Safe Plants for Horse Stable Landscaping
Learn about horse-safe plants for stable landscaping, including options for native and drought-resistant flora, and how rain gardens and bioswales can minimize runoff.
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